Chauffeur Driven Car Hire

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is a chauffeured car?

A chauffeured car is a vehicle, often a high-end or luxury vehicle, provided along with the services of a chauffeur to drive passengers to and from specific, and usually pre-booked, locations. A chauffeured car may be hired along with a chauffeur, or may be privately-owned and driven by a chauffeur who is hired for their services, and not their vehicle.

How much to hire a chauffeur driven car?

Chauffeur driven cars are typically charged per hour. Waverley Chauffeurs, a listed provider , offer chauffeur driven car hire from £35 per hour up to around £100 per hour. Prices are dependent on the type of car being hired, with Rolls Royce cars sitting at the top end of the scale and Mercedes at the lower end. More novelty vehicles, such as limousines, can often be hired cheaply but not all chauffeur driven car hire services offer them as they are not considered luxury in the same way other cars are.

How much is a chauffeur for a day in the UK?

For events or longer time periods, many chauffeur driven car hire services offer day packages. Waverley Chauffeurs general event day costs £400 plus VAT. Be sure to double check how long a ‘day’ is classified for, as many companies actually classify a day rate as only covering the event duration, plus the time for travel before and after the event. Chauffeurs are legally entitled to the same break periods as other drivers in the UK and these time periods will be included within your hire so, remain mindful of this.

Do you tip a chauffeur driver?

In the UK, it is not necessarily customary to tip a chauffeur driver but it may be considered a nice bonus in exchange for good service. If you are unsure of how a company views or distributes tips, simply ask when you book. Elsewhere in the world, tips are more customary and in some cases, expected. Check the cultural norm for wherever it is you are travelling to before you hire your chauffeur driven car.

What is the best car to be chauffeured in?

The best car to be chauffeured in is a matter of personal preference. The most popular cars to be chauffeur driven in are the Mercedes S-Class and Mercedes C-Class vehicles, as well as classic Rolls Royce cars. Limousines are very popular for more novelty events and occasions.

What is the difference between a chauffeur and a driver?

A chauffeur (or a chauffeuse for a female) is a vehicle driver that usually specialises in luxury or saloon vehicles. Unlike a driver, whose job it is just to get a vehicle from A-to-B, a chauffeur also looks after the needs of the passenger/s they are transporting. Chauffeurs are often personal employees of vehicle owners but also work for specialist chauffeur driven car hire companies. Chauffeurs often undergo considerable extra training to cover evasive and defensive driving, inclement weather conditions, valeting, personal security and even etiquette – all remnants of the origins of the job, which was as personal staff for the rich and famous.