Central Heating Services

11 October 2023 – 3 Minute Read

Do boiler repairs services include central heating?

Yes, boiler repair services cover central heating. If a boiler is not working correctly or at all, this will affect a home's central heating. Boiler repair services fix problems with the boiler so the central heating system can continue working as usual.

How much does a central heating service cost?

A one-off central heating service costs £60 to £100 for a gas boiler and slightly less for an electric boiler. A boiler service package costs around £200 to £300 a year and usually includes repair costs and an annual service.

How often should central heating be serviced?

Central heating systems need servicing every 12 months. While you should check with your boiler's manufacturer warranty, central heating systems usually have their first service 12 months after installation. The central heating is then serviced once a year on an ongoing basis. Regular servicing will keep the central heating system working both efficiently and safely.

Do central heating services include the water tank?

Yes, central heating services usually includes the water tank. Just like boilers, water tanks need servicing and maintenance to continue working efficiently and extend their lifespan. For a water tank, this means regular flushing, draining and removal of sediment by a professional.

Should I get my central heating rads drained during service?

Radiators do not need to be drained during every service unless they are not working correctly. Radiators should be drained and flushed every 5 to 6 years to help maintain the system. Draining central heating radiators also helps to identify and repair any leaks in the system.

Do you need a central heating service for new buyers in the UK?

No, you are not legally obliged to have the central heating serviced for new buyers. If you are selling your home, you are under no obligation to have a central heating service before the new buyers move in. However, anyone selling their home will have to provide honest information about the home's state of repair. If there are any issues with the central heating system, this will need to be flagged up, which could put off buyers.

Is a service contract for oil central heating worth it?

Yes, a service contract for oil central heating can help to avoid considerable and expensive repairs in the long run. Paying for an oil central heating contract can work out far cheaper than repairs, which become inevitable if the central heating system is not maintained.

Will central heating work while displaying ‘service due’?

A central heating system may not work as effectively when it shows a ‘display service due’ message. When activated, the boiler will show a warning message that a service is due soon. If the central heating is not serviced by the service due date, the programmable thermostat will fix the temperature at a fixed lower setting. When the central heating is serviced, the service engineer will reset the warning feature so the unit will return to working normally until the next service.

Which central heating service?

You can find a local central heating service in your area on Yell.com . Before choosing a central heating service, make sure the engineer is an OFTEC engineer if you have an oil boiler, or Gas Safe registered if you have a gas boiler. You can verify their registration on the Gas Safe Register website . Get a detailed quote from the engineer and ask them to explain what they will do and why.