Caravan & Trailer Accessories

31 January 2024 – 3 Minute Read

What caravan accessories do I need?

The caravan accessories you absolutely need when using your caravan or transporting it from A-to-B will be mirrors, a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as a smoke detector. Having these items will mean you will always be safe on a trip and able to deal with any fires that may occur. Other accessories you may find useful are a spare battery, a water container and a waste water container, too.

Must-have caravan accessories

Must-have caravan accessories include items you need (like the ones mentioned above) but also other items you may not think of but you really benefit from having when you are away. For example, a spirit level is exceedingly helpful when camping in a caravan or trailer. You can use it to ensure your table is flat when you come to eat, stopping items from slipping and sliding over a table. A step is also highly recommended to help you get in and out of your caravan or trailer with ease.

Where is the nearest caravan accessory shop?

Use to find your nearest caravan accessory shop. Using it will help you identify suppliers that provide everything you specifically want and need. Not all caravan and trailer accessory suppliers will stock the items you require.

Where to buy caravan accessories?

Using to find a place to buy caravan accessories is really easy. You can either search for a specific, and your closest, caravan accessory shop as above or you can search for camping equipment suppliers that also sell many accessories you may want to use on a caravan trip. They may not always sell the same amount or breadth of products that a specific caravan and trailer supplier may do, but you may find a supplier that is much closer to you this way.

What's new in caravan accessories?

New caravan accessories are all about making your life easier and more comfortable when out and about on a caravan holiday. Items, such as satnavs, portable air conditioning and awnings, are all great additions to your caravan and they are improving in quality continuously. Some awnings are painless and quick to put up, making them a fantastic addition to your holiday in the warmer months, but also offer a lot of protection from the rain if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

What accessories can I put in a caravan?

The answer to what accessories can I put in a caravan comes down to safety. You can put any accessories in your caravan as long as it is safe to do so, or it can be stored safely. For example, items that will help you light a fire or BBQ at a campsite (like liquid fuel, for instance), need to be put safely away somewhere in your caravan so that it does not spill and cause a health and safety hazard.

How much extra weight do caravan accessories take?

Caravans need to keep to a certain weight to be safe to transport on the road. Each caravan will have a different maximum weight which is referred to as the MTPLM, or the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass. It is imperative to refer to your own specific owner manual to find this information so you do not go crazy adding weight to your caravan with countless accessories.