Bottled Gas Suppliers

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

How much is a gas bottle?

Gas bottles start from £20 for a 5kg bottle and go up to £45 for 15kg. The price of gas bottles can vary depending on the type of gas, the make of the bottle and the amount of gas required. Many retailers offer a refill service, where once you have purchased a refillable gas bottle you can return it to be refilled for a lower price.

What size gas bottle for a caravan?

Most modern caravans are designed to use at least a 6kg gas bottle. They will have a dedicated space in the caravan for this size gas bottle, but some will have space for a bigger bottle. A 6kg gas bottle will be adequate to supply a cooker, fridge, space heater and water heater, and will give roughly 0.8kg of gas per hour. If you need to use more appliances or have a very large caravan, then a bigger gas bottle might be required.

Where can I buy a gas bottle?

There are many retailers selling gas bottles both locally and online. Online directories such as Yell can help you to find gas bottle suppliers local to your area. Some retailers will sell gas bottles online and deliver them safely to your home, while others will only allow gas bottles to be sold in stores. For gas bottle refills you will need to visit a gas bottle supplier that offers this, with your empty gas bottle.

How long does a gas bottle last?

How long a gas bottle will last will depend on how often you are using it and the appliance you are using. You can expect a 6kg gas bottle to last roughly 18 hours if it is being used for cooking on a gas hob and other camping activities. The type of gas you are using will also be an important factor in how long a gas bottle will last. Propane typically provides 13.5 kWh of energy from 1kg.

What colour is propane gas bottles?

Propane gas bottles are usually red in colour. This can vary depending on manufacturers as it is not a standardised colour requirement. You should always double check the label on a gas bottle to determine the type of gas.

Can you refill a Calor gas bottle?

It is illegal to refill a Calor gas bottle by yourself, or any other branded gas bottle. You can refill Calor gas bottles directly from Calor or with an authorised local retailer. When you refill gas bottles with a local retailer, they usually just exchange your old bottle for a new one of the same size and will refill the old one safely in their store.

Who refills gas bottles?

You must visit a stockist in order to refill a gas bottle. It is not safe to do this yourself. You can find local gas bottle suppliers on Yell, most of which will offer gas bottle refills.

Can you leave a gas bottle outside?

Yes, a gas bottle can be left outside, and this is generally the safest place to store them. In the rare event of a gas bottle leak, if it is outside the gas will be dispersed into the air. If a gas bottle is kept inside, a leak could be very dangerous. Gas bottles should be stored upright, in a vertical position, with the valve at the top.

Are gas bottles safe in the sun?

Yes, gas bottles have been designed to be safe even when left in the sun. They use reflective colours, pressure relief safety valves and room for expansion in order to keep them safe from overheating in the sun.