Boarding Kennels

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

Do dogs like boarding kennels?

Dogs visiting boarding kennels are just the same as children visiting nursery; it all depends on your dog’s personality. If your dog is social, they will love visiting a boarding kennel but the more anti-social, shy dogs may not feel the same. Like kids with day care, some will love the chance to play and interact with other children while others will begin to cry as soon as they realise mum and dad are not staying with them; this is the same with dogs.

How much is it for dog boarding kennels?

Generally, the price for using dog boarding kennels in the UK is around £20 a day. When using a boarding kennel for a longer duration, you may find that the daily price becomes a little cheaper with a week stay averaging at around £120 , while fortnightly stays are about £225 .

Can I board my dog with kennel cough?

No, you can’t board your dog if it has kennel cough. If you notice any signs of kennel cough from your dog, you should immediately take them to the vet and keep them away from any other dogs. Your dog will be treated with a vaccine that will take 14 days to eliminate the virus. During these 14 days, you should not take your dog to daycare or boarding kennels of any kind as kennel cough is highly contagious.

Can you put puppies in boarding kennels?

Yes, puppies can visit boarding kennels but should not be taken at too young an age. Puppies are young and delicate so they need time to adjust to a new home to bond with their new family. Your puppy should be at least 6 months old before you send them to a boarding kennel.

How to prepare your dog for a boarding kennel?

Before taking your dog to a boarding kennel, you should consider some form of preparation. One great way is to take your dog on a boarding trial, especially if your dog is a little nervous. This trial will be a 24 hour stay and help your dog become familiar with a new environment and daily routine, helping them feel more at ease when the time comes for a longer visit. Other preparations can be made, such as dropping your dog off in the morning, keeping your dog comfortable by bringing a home comfort with you, like a blanket or soft toy, and adjust sleeping habits. If your dog cries sleeping alone at home, they will most likely cry at the boarding kennel, too.

Can a blind dog go in boarding kennels?

Yes, a blind dog can go in boarding kennels but not all boarding kennels will accept blind dogs because they do not have the right facilities. When it comes to blind dogs, it entirely depends on the boarding kennel you choose. Before putting your dog into a boarding kennel, make sure they have all the specialist resources to cater for a blind dog.