Blind Rollers & Components

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

Can you paint roller blinds?

Yes, you can paint roller blinds. You are not stuck with the same colours your blinds came with. Fabric blinds can be freshened up with the help of acrylic paint, while vinyl requires a little bit of additional preparation to make sure that the paint adheres to the plastic. In either case, wipe down the shade fully with a damp sponge first and make sure you allow it to dry before you start painting.

Can you cut roller blinds?

Roller blinds can be easily cut to size. Measure from one side of the bracket to the other and make sure you deduct a few millimetres to allow the blind to fit into the recess. Use a metal tape rather than a slightly-stretchy plastic tailor’s one – the measurements will be more accurate. Make sure you measure thoroughly before you wield the scissors.

Which way should roller blinds face?

The blind should come down on the wall side of the roll. This minimises the amount of light that can spill around the side. While it is possible to arrange things the other way, there is no good reason to do so.

Do all roller blinds have the same fitting?

Most roller blinds have the same fitting. You can fit roller blinds either inside or outside the recess, and fit them to either the top (the recess’s ceiling) or to the flat part of the window’s outer frame.

Do roller blinds go inside or outside the window?

Barring a very tiny minority of circumstances, blinds go inside a window rather than outside it.

Do roller blinds keep heat in?

Roller blinds do a very poor job of keeping heat in, especially when compared to heavy blackout curtains. Because the material is thin and often permeable, hot air can easily circulate into the space behind the blind; from there, the heat can escape through the window. While some roller blinds are more substantial than others, they all struggle to match curtains when it comes to heat retention. Roller blinds can also keep the heat out, if you neglect to roll them up during the daytime.

Can you replace the fabric on a roller blind?

Yes. If your blind is showing signs of wear and tear, you do not need to throw out the entire fitting. You can simply replace the fabric and leave the mechanism intact. You can either have a professional perform the replacement or do it yourself. If you decide upon the latter, proceed with caution when you are removing the old fabric as the glue might bring away some of the roller if you pull too hard. Moreover, you will find that tightly-woven, lightweight blinds are more easy to replace than heavier, loose-weave ones.

What sizes do roller blinds come in?

Roller blinds are mostly sized in a way that they fit standard window sizes. This means a drop of around 64 inches, and a width that is a multiple of 12. If your window is of an unusual shape, you can simply cut the blind down to size.