Beauty Salons

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Can a beauty therapist do Botox?

Yes, a beauty therapist can administer Botox in the UK. There are very few restrictions and industry regulations as to who can administer Botox. Due to this fact, it is recommended that you choose someone with formal training who is accredited in the administration of Botox. This could be a medical practitioner with knowledge of such procedures or beauty therapist who has undergone a specific Botox training course.

Can beauty therapists do fillers?

Yes, some beauty therapists can do fillers. While not all beauty therapists offer dermal filler treatments, an increasing number do. There are no strict regulations to say who can and cannot administer fillers, which does mean any untrained person can offer the treatment. It is recommended that you choose a beauty therapist who has had the correct professional training.

Can beauty therapists do teeth whitening?

No, beauty therapists do not carry out teeth whitening treatments. In the UK, there are strict laws to say who can offer teeth whitening and a beauty therapist is not included in the list of practitioners. Only qualified dentists and dental professionals, such as a dental hygienist with the correct qualifications, can carry out teeth whitening.

Can beauty therapists carry out skin laser?

Yes, some beauty therapists can carry out skin laser treatments. There are specific training courses and qualifications that a beauty therapist must undertake before they can carry out skin laser procedures. This is because there are certain risks involved with the procedure, such as laser burns and poor results.

Can beauty therapists do acupuncture?

Though some beauty therapists do acupuncture, it is not a common service for beauticians to offer. Unless a beauty therapist has undergone specialist training and has the required knowledge, it is unlikely that they will offer acupuncture treatments. For professional acupuncture it is best to find an acupuncture practitioner.

Are pets allowed in beauty salons?

With the exception of assistance dogs — such as guide dogs and medical alert dogs — customers are generally not encouraged to bring their pets into a beauty salon. There are of course exceptions, and some salon owners might allow customers to bring small, well behaved dogs to an appointment. It is recommended that you check with the beauty salon before bringing a pet on to the premises.

What are the common hazards in a beauty salon?

Though a beauty salon is generally a safe place to be as a customer, there are some hazards to be aware of. For example, many beauty treatments use chemicals, and these can cause damage if used incorrectly. Trips, falls, hygiene issues and unqualified staff are also hazards to be aware of. However, these are not everyday occurrences.

Do you tip in beauty salons?

Yes, many people do tip in a beauty salon but it is not mandatory or expected. Whether you tip or not is based on your personal preference, but many customers do choose to reward good service at a salon with a tip. Tips typically range from 10% to 25% of the total treatment cost, but you can go as low or high as you like. A tip is a good way to show a beauty therapist that you appreciate the level of service and rate the treatment they provided.