Bathroom Design & Installation

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

How much to install a bathroom?

You might expect to pay anywhere between £2,000 and £8,000 for an entirely new bathroom. The total bill will be determined by a range of factors. There is the price of the suite being installed, the cost in labour of installation, and the cost in labour of removing existing elements. If you want to pay for additional elements, like underfloor heating, you can expect an accordingly larger bill.

How long to install a bathroom?

The average bathroom installation should take around two weeks. This is including everything from plastering to tiling to plumbing and installation. Again, the more complex the project, the longer you might expect it to take. Many installers will time the project so that the plaster has a chance to dry over the weekend, ready for tiling on the following Monday.

Can a bathroom be installed in a cellar?

UK homes often come equipped with cellar spaces, which are often great candidates for modification into bathrooms. If you can thread pipes down into the space, and there is space to connect an extractor, then there is no reason that such a conversion cannot go ahead. Talk to an architect about how drainage will work in the space and think about whether you will want to be climbing stairs after you get out of the shower.

Can a socket be installed in a bathroom?

In most cases, the answer here is no. The rules prohibit sockets from being installed within three metres of any shower or bathroom – which makes them impossible in all but the largest bathrooms. The only exceptions are shaving sockets, which use an isolating transformer to protect you against large currents.

Can any bathroom install a power shower?

If you can get a suitably chunky cable into the bathroom, then you can attach it to a power shower.

Can boilers be installed in a bathroom?

A modern condensing boiler is often so compact that you might consider installing it just about anywhere – even a bathroom. With that said, you will need to keep your boiler in a space where it is not going to get wet. That means that it needs to be at least sixty centimetres from your bath or shower. The electrical spur for the boiler must be completely isolated from water, outside of the bathroom. Ideally the boiler should be contained inside a cupboard.

Do builders have to install extractor fans in bathrooms?

Document F of the building regulations requires that new-build bathrooms must be ventilated with an extractor fan – since they are made to be airtight. The extractor should be capable of venting fifteen litres of water per second.

Do you decorate a bathroom before or after installing?

Ideally, a bathroom should be decorated before towel rails and lights are installed. Where this is impractical, however, you can do things the other way round.

How long is a bathroom installation guarantee?

The length of your guarantee will vary from company to company. However, this should be at least a minimum of two years and ideally up to five years. It is worth getting written confirmation of a guarantee before agreeing to work with a bathroom installation company.