31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

How much does an architect cost?

The amount that an architect will charge depends on the scope of the project. As a rule of thumb, you should charge between 5-10% of the total budget for the entire project . Thus, if you are going to be spending £100,000 on an extension, budgeting £10,000 for the architect is not unreasonable.

Do I need an architect for an extension?

You might not be happy about the prospect of having to pay so much, especially if the project is a straightforward one. Whilst it is possible to do the planning and drawing yourself, doing so creates an opportunity for your project to run into difficulty. Paying for a professional will help you to avoid this, as well as identifying potential savings. It might also improve the quality of the final result and help you to avoid the cost of rectifying mistakes that would otherwise have been avoided.

How to find an architect

You can find an architect in your vicinity via the listings. Just type in the word ‘architect’, along with the area in which your project is going ahead.

Do I need an architect to draw plans, and to get planning permission?

UK homeowners do not need an architect to draw up plans, or to obtain planning permission. Having an architect do these things on your behalf will improve your chance of success, although it will not guarantee it.

Do I need an architect for renovation?

UK residents rarely need to bring in an architect for a renovation, particularly if there are limited structural elements being interfered with. For complex work, however, it may be worth bringing in a professional.

How to choose an architect?

Architects are skilled professionals who are judged by their track record and reputation. Make sure that you look for references from potential candidates and that you inspect what they have achieved already. Choose someone personable, too; you may need to get complex points across, and it is important that you feel confident that your project is in capable hands. It is also important to identify an architect who can work within the budget that you have set out. If they start to take control away from you, it will lead to stress.

Do architects build houses?

An architect’s job is to design a structure. They create a plan which is implemented by builders. They do not build houses themselves, although they may appear onsite in an advisory or supervisory capacity.

How many hours do architects work?

Working hours for architects are typically normal office hours (ie. 9-5). However, they often find themselves working longer hours when deadlines are looming.

Should I use an architect or builder?

Architects and builders perform distinct jobs. The former designs a structure; the latter constructs it. They are therefore not interchangeable; you do not choose one or the other – though you might elect to dispense with an architect, and just ‘wing it’. Obviously, this comes with its own risks. Many builders will bring in their own architects, providing clients with an all-in-one service.