Antique & Art Valuers

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How to find the value of art prints?

Finding the value of art prints is something an expert can help with because of their depth and breadth of knowledge in the area of art valuation. All art prints will vary in price and it will often be a reflection of the popularity of the print, who made it and how rare it is.

How is art value determined?

Art value is determined by a number of factors, such as the type of art it is, and its medium has a bearing on the price (i.e. sculpture vs oils vs watercolours). However other hugely important determining factors are the artist, what it was previously sold for, who owned it and how big it is.

How to get art valued?

Use to find an art valuer. It can be useful to find an art valuer who is close to you but also can be used to help find an art valuer who comes with a large number of good reviews behind them. Use to easily see how previous customers have rated their services.

Does art increase in value?

Not all art will increase in value but it often does when it is a finite source. If the art you are buying is mass produced, the likelihood of it increasing in value is low. However, limited edition prints and one-off pieces of art will often increase in value, particularly if the artist in question has increased in popularity and notoriety between the time of purchase and reselling.

Where can I take antiques to be valued?

Most antique auction houses and shops will have a valuation service onsite but many will also offer a mobile valuation service, too. The best thing to do is identify and locate an art valuer who specialises in your particular antique (i.e. clocks vs furniture) and either take the object to them, if it is easily transportable, or ask them to come to you.

How to determine the value of antique furniture?

Antique furniture value is highly subjective to a degree, though many valuers would argue it is only worth as much as it can be sold for. They should be able to give you a good idea on how much it could raise at auction based on previous sales of similar items, while taking into account any specific factors, like any damage.

Does refinishing antique reduce value?

Sometimes, refinishing an antique or restoring it will help the object’s value. In other cases, and particularly if it materially changes the look of an object, it could reduce its value. Many buyers want antiques to look how they did in the past, how it was originally; so, if it has been changed, it may affect its ability to sell at auction.

Does painting antique furniture ruin the value?

Much like refinishing a piece of antique furniture so it no longer looks like the original, painting it can also damage its value. Any work done on a piece of antique furniture needs to enhance its original look. Painting it a completely different colour may bring it up-to-date but it will not help the antique reach its highest price in an auction either.