Air Conditioning Services

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

What Does Air Con Service Involve?

An air con service involves inspection of all the key components of the air conditioning unit. This includes the compressor, fan motor, condenser unit, evaporator unit and thermostat. Some services will include cleaning of the AC unit and filters. An AC technician will check that there are no faults or leaks with any of the components in the unit. If a fault is found, they will provide advice on the best options for repair or replacement as necessary. An air con service will not include any of these repairs or replacements.

How Much Is Air Con Service?

A home air conditioning service will cost per air con unit. This price can vary depending on the air con service company you choose, the type of air conditioning unit you have and how many AC units need servicing. This cost will include the full home air conditioning service but will not include the cost of any repairs or replacements required.

Do Air Conditioning Units Need To Be Serviced?

Yes, all kinds of air conditioning units need to be serviced. It does not matter if you use your air con unit throughout the year or just during summer, it will still require an annual service. Most air conditioning companies recommend having air con units serviced during the spring so they are in the best working order for the summer. This also means you can make any repairs before the summer and warm weather arrives.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced UK?

Air conditioning units need to be serviced every year in the UK. This is the case no matter the type of air con unit you have. Depending on how often you use your home air conditioning unit and the condition it is in, you might need to have it serviced more than once a year. If your air con unit is not serviced regularly enough, dirt and dust can build up in the filters and stop the air conditioning unit from working effectively. Whether you use your air conditioning unit all year round or only in the summer, it will still need a service annually.

Does An Air Conditioning Service Include A Refresh?

Some air conditioning services will include a refresh but others might not. This all depends on the company servicing your AC and the level of service you choose. A refresh or recharge should only be completed by a certified professional and this should not need completing as often as a service. Refrigerant systems within an air con unit are sealed and therefore they should not need a refresh unless a leak has developed. During an annual air con service, a technician will check the pressure levels and identify if a leak has occurred. If so, they can subsequently arrange for the air conditioning unit to be refreshed. Some service companies will include a refresh in an air con service if you choose a more comprehensive option.