Air Conditioning Equipment

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is air conditioning equipment?

The term ‘air conditioning equipment’ covers everything that controls the temperature of the air inside a building. Any equipment which helps to do this job, or does it single-handedly as a self-contained device, fits into this category.

What are the major components of an air conditioning system?

Air conditioners do their job with the help of three major components. These are the evaporator, the compressor, and the condenser. These are joined by a length of piping, through which a special fluid called refrigerant flows.

The evaporator is the part that cools the air. It does this by passing the fluid through a series of coiled pipes. Fans blow air over the pipes, thus bringing them to the temperature of the room. The fluid is then piped outside of the building, where they enter the condenser, which does the opposite, dispersing heat into the surrounding atmosphere.

The compressor then squashes the fluid so that it can flow back around the loop. These are the same basic principles which allow a fridge to do its job – albeit on a much larger scale.

How much does it cost to fit an air conditioning unit in the UK?

The install rate for an engineer in the UK is around £450, with a complete installation starting at around £1,200 for a 2kw wall-mounted unit. This figure can rise substantially depending on the size and complexity of the installation, and the part of the country in which the installation is being considered.

Where to buy air conditioning equipment?

You will find many different air-conditioning retailers on the listings. Just look for air-conditioning equipment, and make sure that you tell the search function where in the country you are. You can get an idea of the quality and reputation of each retailer by looking at the star rating awarded to them by other users, and by reading the reviews that have been left for them.

It is worth shopping around several different suppliers and seeing if you can get a discount by playing them off against one another. If you ask the question, it might be that a more conveniently placed store will match the best offer you have received.

What is the main purpose of air conditioning?

While we might think of air conditioning as something that keeps us cool during summer, it is also something that will function as a heater during winter. To do this, the process is simply reversed, so that the exterior of the building is effectively being cooled down while the interior is heated.

Air conditioners can also act as dehumidifiers. As moisture in the air passes over a set of cold coils, it will condense into droplets, which ultimately collect, either in a small tank, or outside the building. Since drier air is easier to heat, this can make the entire building more energy efficient.

Finally, air-conditioning units often come equipped with special filters which will remove airborne particulates as they pass through. This ensures that the air is cleaned as it is kept at the right temperature.