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Cost summary table

Type of job Average cost Average completion time
Small room replaster £400 1 day
Small room full plaster £650 2-3 days
Medium room replaster £500 1-2 days
Medium room full plaster £800 2-3 days
Large room replaster £600 2-3 days
Large room full plaster £1200 3-4 days
Single wall replaster £150 3-4 hours
Single wall full plaster £300 4-8 hours
Ceiling (small to large) £300-700 1-3 days
Screeding (10x10 metre room) £2500 days

3 tips for finding the right tradesman for you

Finding the right tradesman can be a daunting task, especially when you have never previously required service from that trade. Here are three tips to help you make your choice.

Check online reviews

Consumer reviews allow you to gauge other people’s views and determine whether a chosen tradesman is reliable, trustworthy, and produces good quality of work. Ensure that you check more than one review website so that you get a balanced view of how previous customers have found the services of different companies.

Shop around

Ask for several different quotes from a variety of contractors, at least three or four so that you can get a good idea of a fair price. Remember, shopping around allows you to find the best deal for your budget.

Check trade association websites

If a tradesman is a member of a trade body you have an assurance that they are responsible and professional, as the majority of trade bodies conduct regular checks and require a company to have a specific amount of experience before they can register. For plasterers check out the Federation of Plastering & Drywall Contractors (FPDC).

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How much do plastering and screeding services cost?

Plastering is not something that the majority of people give a lot of thought to, yet it is a crucial factor which will affect how a room is decorated and also help to prevent damp. If you need plastering for an entire room, render changed on an external wall, or a floor screeding, you will need to know how much plastering and screeding services cost.

Clearly, a significant factor when you need plastering services is the size of the surface which requires the work. This could be one or more rooms, or even a single wall. The plasterer will measure the dimensions of the surfaces that require plastering and determine the likely duration of the task and the quantity of resources needed. If a full plaster is not required, it will be quicker and less expensive to have a single wall replastered. This is known as skimming and is the application of a new coat of plaster onto the top of the current plaster so that the surface is then ready for painting or wallpapering.

Screed is a form of concrete used to produce a level flooring surface. It can be used either to finish a floor, to enclose underfloor heating pipes, or to act as a wearing surface. Professionals will make sure that the preparation of the base is carried out correctly, as this is essential for the enduring quality of the screed.

Plastering services cost guide

A replastering job in a room of medium size will cost an average of £500 , while a full plaster will cost around £800. For a small to medium room, complete plastering typically costs an average of £650, whilst skimming is an average of £400. Larger rooms will cost an average of £1,200, with skimming £600.

A skimming job on one wall costs an average of £150, whilst a full plastering job on the same wall can cost twice as much. In a small room, a ceiling plaster costs an average of £300, increasing to £700 for a large room. For ceilings, plastering will generally be more costly because of the specialist expertise which is required.

The costs of external rendering depends on the extent of the job involved. Rendering and finishing a smaller property typically starts at approximately £2,000, while rendering and finishing larger properties could cost up to £8,000.

Screeding services cost guide

Floor screeding costs vary according to the type and quality of the screed being used. For example, in the UK the most common type is traditional screed and costs approximately £15 per square metre at a thickness of 50mm.

Will where I live impact the cost of plastering and screeding services?

As with many professional services the cost will vary according to your location in the UK. Generally, you will find that the South is more expensive, especially London, with the cost getting progressively lower in Northern regions.

What are the average costs of plastering and screeding services?

Replastering walls

This is a standard job for a plasterer and includes repairing the current plaster to fix any damage. For a smaller room the average cost will be £400. For a medium room the average cost is £500. The job will take on average 2-3 days.

New plaster walls

Adding completely new plaster to a wall requires the current plaster to be stripped, and will therefore be more time consuming than a replaster. New plaster for a small room costs an average of £650, whereas for a room of medium size an average cost of £800 is likely, and for a large room the costs will reach £1200. A plastering job such as this will take from 1-4 days.

Ceiling plaster

This will be a fairly quick job. In a small room, a ceiling plaster will take half a day and cost an average of £300, a medium sized room will take a day and cost £400; allow 1-3 days for a large ceiling at an average cost of £700.


The cost of floor screeding depends on several factors such as the type of screed and the size of the floor onto which the screed will be laid. Therefore, it can be very difficult for a contractor to provide an estimate before a preliminary inspection is carried out. Sand and cement screed costs an average of £15 per square metre, and flowing screed costs an average of £18 per square metre. Labour will cost an average of £11 per square metre. Therefore, screeding a floor of approximately 50 square metres, at a depth of 50mm, will cost an average of £2500.

Other costs to consider:

Painting & Decorating

After the plastering has been completed, you might require that the room be painted and decorated. This type of work will cost an average of £15 per hour. For painting and decorating a medium sized room you should budget for an average cost of £200. This is usually a much quicker job to complete than the plastering so it will cost you proportionally less.

New Flooring

The cost of new flooring depends on the area of the floor and the material. For example, for a room which measures 5x5 metres laminate flooring will cost an average of £400 and vinyl flooring will cost an average of £300.

New Skirting Boards

To finish off the room you will likely want to have new skirting boards, which for a 5x5 metre room will cost an average of £300. Be sure to budget more if you require the new skirting boards to be painted.