Plant & Machinery Hire

31 January 2024 – 6 Minute Read

Guide to how much plant and machinery hire costs

3 tips for finding plant hire and machinery hire companies

Using the right hire company that can supply you with the plant and machinery you need for your construction job can feel a little bit like a minefield.  Here are our 3 tips for finding the hire company that will match your requirements.

Opt for local

Using a local plant and machinery hire company can save you quite a bit of money.  Most hire companies will charge you for delivery and collection of the plant and machinery.   Therefore, using a local company will keep these costs down.

Know what you need and for how long

Before you start talking to plant and machinery hire companies to get quotes, it is a good idea to work out exactly which equipment you need, when and for how long you need to hire the plant and machinery.

Recommendations, reviews and references

If you are not sure which plant and machinery hire company to use, ask colleagues and other people in the construction trade for their recommendations.  In addition, use’s reviews, references and ratings to give you a better idea of how other people have found the hire company’s services.

Search our extensive directory to find plant and machinery hire companies in your area.

Plant and Machinery Cost
Mini digger From £60/day or £350/week
Excavator From £85/day or £165/week
Bulldozers From £700 per week
Loaders From £192/day or £320/week
Dumpers From £54/day or £90/week
Excavator Attachments From £66/day or £110/week
Forklifts £112/day or £186/week

The cost of plant hire

Plant and machinery hire is where a company hires out a range of tools, i.e. plant, machinery and other types of construction equipment for groundworks, building and construction projects.  Generally, the companies hiring the plant and machinery doesn’t have the equipment themselves, thereby not incurring the overheads of maintaining it or other costs of owning large equipment like plant and machinery, and therefore hiring the equipment is a much more cost-effective option.

There are several key benefits to hiring plant and machinery, including:

  • Saves on budget
  • Top quality plant and machinery
  • Good choice of equipment
  • Flexibility

There are 4 main types of plant and machinery hire equipment:

  • Earth-moving
  • Material handling
  • Construction equipment
  • Construction vehicles

Within the 4 main categories, there is a wide range of plant and machinery that can be hired.

Plant hire costs and machinery hire costs vary from company to company. lists a wide variety of plant and machinery hire companies with their contact details, websites which will detail plant hire price lists, ratings and reviews. This provides you with plenty of options to choose from and compare equipment, as well as prices, to ensure you get the best plant and machinery you need that fits your budget.

How much does it cost for plant hire?

Plant hire costs vary depending on the plant you are looking to rent, the period you need the plant for and the hire company you choose.  You may also have to factor in the cost of a deposit, which is payable upfront, travel and operator chargers (if you need an operator for the plant), and some companies may also charge you for insurance cover for the period of hire.  For example, to hire a 5 tonne mini digger, you can expect to pay from £60 to £95 per day, or £350 to £450 a week, plus VAT.

It may be possible to negotiate a discount, i.e. for long-term hire.  Make sure you hire the right size plant and for the right length of time so that you do not have to rehire at a later date.

How much does it cost for machinery hire?

As with plant hire, machinery hire costs also vary depending on the equipment, length of time you need the machinery and the type of machinery you are hiring.  For example, if you are looking to do landscaping work in a garden, you may look to hire a 1 tonne excavator which will cost you around £85 per day, or £165 per week, plus VAT.  You will also have to add the cost of delivery and collection, an upfront deposit, the cost of an operator, if needed, and potentially insurance cover.

Plant hire prices

Plant hire prices very much depend on a number of factors including the plant or machinery you are hiring, where the hire company is located and the distance they have to travel to deliver and collect the plant, the length of time of the hire period and whether you need to hire an operator to work the plant or machinery you have hired.

There are also other costs to consider which will add to the plant hire prices, such as upfront deposits and possible insurance cover for the period of hire.  Below are the most common types of plant and machinery that are available to hire.

Cost of hiring excavators (diggers)

Excavators are one of the most common types of plant and machinery that is hired by contractors.  There are varying sizes of excavators, from 1 tonne up to 14 tonne. The plant hire price for a 1.5 tonne excavator starts from around £85 per day, or £165 per week.  For the largest 14 tonne excavator, you should budget for prices in the region of £291 per day, or £500 a week.  You will also need to add VAT and delivery charges.  You can also hire certain attachments for excavators, such as hydraulic breakers, hydraulic augers, post drivers and even hedge trimmers. For example, to hire a hydraulic auger, prices start from around £66 per day, or £110 per week.

Cost of hiring bulldozers

Bulldozers are mainly used for grading and levelling areas of land, spreading soil, gravel and stone, clearing away any rubble and earth, as well as compacting soil down.  Most bulldozers for hire come with CAT engines and strong tracks so they can tackle just about any terrain.  Costs vary and often, you will need to contact the hire company to get a quote. However, budget for around £1,200 to £1,500 per week for a D6T bulldozer, and slightly less – in the region of £700 per week – for a smaller D4 bulldozer.

Cost of hiring loaders

There are various types of loaders depending on the job they are needed for, such as backhoe loaders, crawler loaders, graders, skid steer loaders and compact track loaders.  For example, to hire a Robot 135/160 skid steer loader with a standard bucket, you will be paying around £192 per day, of £320 per week.

Cost of hiring dumpers

For any construction site, a dumper is essential for shifting loads from one place to another.  There are various sizes of dumper, depending on the construction site area, what is being built and how much weight the dumper needs to carry.  They start from power barrows, which carry small amounts up to around 300kg, up to a dumper truck with tracks and a swivel skip or a straight tip dumper that can hold up to 9 tonnes.  To hire a small dumper, prices start from £54 per day or £90 per week.  For a 9 tonne dumper, you will need to budget for a minimum of £156 per day, or £260 per week, and for a dumper with tracks, you will be paying in the region of £315 per day, or £525 per week.

Cost of hiring forklifts

Forklifts are another important part of plant and machinery that is needed on a construction site.  They range from smaller 2.5 tonne forklifts with a straight mast, up to 4 tonne forklifts with a telescopic handler.  For the smaller forklifts, allow around £112 per day, or £186 per week, but for the larger 4 tonne forklifts, you will need to budget in the region of £357 per day, or £595 per week.