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1 April 2022 – 7 Minute Read

How much does it cost to pave a driveway?

As residential streets become increasingly congested, a driveway can be very valuable. Having a driveway means you always have somewhere to park your car. Plus, it allows you to keep your car off the street, store your caravan over winter or just somewhere to put your plant pots. However you use your driveway, it can become an attractive feature of your home. Block paving is a common sight in most residential areas. It is both attractive and low maintenance, making it a popular option.

You can lay block paving yourself or hire a specialist paver to do it for you. Block paving is a cost-effective way to improve the look of your home while creating somewhere you can park your car.

We have put together this guide to help explain the costs of paving a driveway and answer some of the questions you may have before you start.

Cost guide to paving a driveway

Attempting to lay a paved driveway yourself could save you £2,000 in labour. However, paving a driveway can be a difficult task so it can be worth paying for the skills and experience of a specialist block paver. How much it costs to pave a driveway largely depends on the size and shape of your drive. However, other factors can affect the price. For instance, lowering the kerb to create an entrance or if there are any maintenance or inspection hole covers on the driveway. If you want to widen the existing entrance of your driveway or create an entirely new entryway, you will need planning permission from your local council.

What paving options are there?

You have essentially two choices when it comes to paving your driveway, concrete blocks or clay bricks. Concrete blocks are the cheaper option and come in a variety of styles and textured blocks. One downside of using concrete blocks to pave a driveway is that their colour can fade and the blocks can wear down over time.

While clay paving bricks cost more, they are very durable and will not lose their natural colour. However, clay bricks can be challenging to lay because of their variable size and they tend to grow moss.

Traditionally, block paving features one uniform colour, usually red. But today, there are lots of multicolour block systems you can buy.

Do paved driveways need planning permission?

Blocked paved driveways do not generally need planning permission if any changes made to your driveway do not affect access to your property or that of your neighbours. If you are using impermeable blocks, the water must run off into a suitable drainage area, like a border or a lawn. If there is not suitable drainage like this, you will need planning permission if your planned paved driveway is more than five metres squared. Check with your local authority if you are unsure whether your new driveway fits within the permitted requirements.

How much does block paving cost?

You can expect the materials for a small driveway to cost £2,000. Materials for a large driveway will come closer to £4,000. The materials you will need include blocks, cement, sand and water. You will also need tools, such as a cement mixer or bucket, trowel, paddle for cement mixing, a spade, stiff broom and spirit level.

How much does block paving bricks cost?

One of the key factors in determining the cost of paving your driveway is which paving blocks you use. Below are costs for different types of block paving bricks.

Concrete blocks

You can expect to pay £19 per square metre for basic concrete paving blocks. If you choose more elaborate designs and colours, expect to see this price increase to £48 per square metre.

Brick blocks

For a standard brick driveway, you can expect to pay up to £65 per square metre. Brick block paving is not as cost-effective as concrete but it does look more attractive and is available in a wide range of styles.

Stone blocks

Stone blocks tend to be one of the more expensive block paving options at £80 per square metre.

Composite blocks

Composite blocks are also an expensive block paving material at £110 per square metre. However, composite resin blocks come in almost every colour imaginable and all sorts of different textures.

How much does it cost to pave a garden?

The cost to pave a garden includes the paving blocks and the preparation required. The garden will require digging out and the soil will probably need removing. This will mean £50 for hiring a skip and £145 for hiring specialist tools, such as a mini digger. The area will also need levelling and, in some cases, a weed control mat put down to help prevent plants from growing through.

How much does it cost to pave a patio?

If you want to pave a patio, the cost will again vary depending on the patio's size and shape, and which type of paving block you choose. To pave an 8 metre square patio with concrete blocks, you can expect to pay £875, while a small patio in circle sandstone pavers will cost £800 for the materials, if you plan to lay the patio yourself. If you hire a landscape gardener to lay your patio, expect to pay them £145 a day for their services. This will usually include a team of two, which could add £100 a day to the cost.

How much does pebble paving cost?

Pebble paving or cobblestone driveway pavers will cost you £35 per square metre. A specialist paver usually installs cobblestone paving to get the best finish. Before you start laying cobbles, a proper foundation needs digging out, costing £145 for a mini digger and £50 for a skip. You may also need a base layer and a weed mat to stop plants from growing up through the cobbles.

How much does imprinted concrete paving cost?

Imprinted concrete paving is affordable, durable, low maintenance and entirely customisable. There are hundreds of different patterns available so you can choose exactly how you want your driveway to look. Imprinted concrete paving costs £1,125 in materials and £2,625 in labour to pave a 40 metre square driveway. If you have a 100 metre square driveway, you can expect to pay £2,400 in materials and £5,500 in labour.

Cost of hiring a block paving specialist

A block paving specialist has the skills and experience to pave your driveway and give you the results you want. They can design, plan and suggest the best materials to use. You can expect to pay a block paving specialist £200 a day for labour. A builder may not have extensive block paving experience but they will have bricklaying skills. They could offer a cheaper alternative at £125 a day.

How much it costs to pave a driveway

Driveway Size / Material Material Costs Labour Costs Total
Small driveway 20m² concrete blocks £2,000 £2,000 £4,000
Small driveway 20m² brick blocks £2,500 £2,000 £4,500
Small driveway 20m² composite blocks £3,000 £2,000 £5,000
Average driveway 50m² concrete blocks £3,000 £2,250 £5,250
Average driveway 50m² brick blocks £3,500 £2,250 £5,750
Average driveway 50m² composite blocks £4,000 £2,250 £6,250
Large driveway 100m² concrete blocks £6,000 £2,800 £8,800
Large driveway 100m² brick blocks £7,000 £2,800 £9,800
Large driveway 100m² composite blocks £8,000 £2,800 £10,800

3 tips for hiring a block paving specialist

A block paving specialist will help you achieve the best result for your blocked paved driveway. Here are our 3 tips for hiring a block paving tradesperson.

Get recommendations

It is often a good idea to ask local friends and family to recommend a good block paving specialist. If you have noticed a neighbour has had their driveway recently paved and you are impressed with the work, do not be afraid to knock on their door and ask them for the name of the tradesperson who did it for them.

Check reviews

Before you hire any tradesperson, check them out online. Check reviews on trusted websites from customers who have used their services. Were they happy with the work? Have they posted photos you can look at?

Check insurance

Before you hire any tradesperson, it is essential to check they have at the very least third-party liability insurance that covers building work. Ideally, you will want to find a tradesperson who has property damage, personal injury and works guarantee cover.

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