1 April 2022 – 6 Minute Read

Summary of garden landscaping prices

As previously mentioned, landscaping a garden or employing the use of a professional landscaper does not necessarily mean they completely redo your whole garden. Here is a breakdown and summary of the costs a professional landscaper can charge for their services. In all cases, be sure you know exactly what is included within your chosen landscaper’s fees. Some will include the cost of clearing up, for example, while others will not. The hidden extras can have a big effect on the overall average cost of landscaping a garden.

Type of Garden Landscaping Work Cost
Total design and renovation £7,000
Laying turf £15 per square metre
Laying artificial turf £60 per square metre
Laying a new patio £100 per square metre
Lawn mowing £10 an hour
Weeding £10 an hour

3 tips for finding the right garden landscaper

Your garden is often the largest room in your house, albeit outside, so if you are looking to spend money on it to bring it bang up-to-date, it is a good idea to ensure you are choosing the very best garden landscaper you can. Use our tips to make sure when looking at garden landscaping prices you are getting the very best value for money you can afford.

Recommendations and reviews

Garden landscapers need to come with the very best recommendations and reviews to be worth the price they charge to landscape a garden. Read through the reviews on to see if a landscaper has plenty of past customers that recommend their services. If they are lacking them, it may be worth looking at how much another professional landscaper’s cost may be with another company.

Check credentials

Garden landscaping can be a job that is possible after many years of amateur experience but it is also a job that comes with some qualifications and credentials. Don’t be afraid of asking your potential garden landscaper if they have any qualifications and, if they don’t, why their experience makes up for their lack of them.

Look at their past portfolio

Ask your potential landscaper to show you past jobs they have completed for previous clients. Also ask them what the brief was for that client. Doing so will mean you can see how closely they were able to answer their clients’ needs and requirements. Be sure to ask how long each project took as well as how any problems were rectified.

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How much does garden landscape cost?

Many of us try to do our own gardening to make the most of our outdoor space. However, without the right tools, time and experience, many of us simply resort to having a lot of grass and a few sad-looking borders. Using a professional garden landscaper can make the world of difference but how much does garden landscaping cost? Is the average cost of landscaping a garden expensive? Is it really worth it?

Our landscapers guide looks at garden landscaping prices so you can determine whether it is a price you are willing to pay for an outdoor space you are proud of. Most of us discovered how important our outdoor spaces are to us during the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. So, it could be that the average professional landscaping cost is something many more of us are happy to pay in a post-pandemic time.

Landscape gardening prices — UK-based

The rates that landscape gardeners charge will depend on a number of variables. The biggest factor will be how much experience they have. Some will simply have many years gardening experience under their belt so they are now making a business out of their self-taught knowledge. Others will have studied garden design and know the intricate ins-and-outs on what plants do well in various locations in a garden.

On average, a specialist landscape gardener will charge £30 an hour. A specialist landscaper will be able to install water features or ponds into a garden as well as offer long-term advice on how to help plants thrive. However, less experienced or less qualified landscape gardeners may still provide good value at an average of £20 an hour. For those that simply want regular weeding or lawn mowing done, it would best value to employ the use of an unqualified individual who only charges the average rate of £10 an hour. Before making an agreement with any potential gardener, be sure to know what their extra fees are and what they are for. Some may charge for taking debris to the rubbish dump while others will include that in their prices.

Garden landscaping prices — by job

It could be that you do not want a regular gardener but instead, you have a particular job in mind for which you want a set price. Many landscape gardeners will provide such services according to the type of project, which we detail below.

Laying a deck or patio

Many of us like to have a hard surface in our gardens to put tables and chairs on for entertaining. Some may want a deck, whereas some will want a patio. That will have a bearing on how much it will cost but you can expect to pay, on average, £100 per square metre for a patio. Decks can be cheaper, depending on the wood. A soft wood, like pine, will cost, on average, £70 per square metre to install. A hard wood can cost around £200 a square metre.

Relaying turf

Relaying turf is such a quick way to bring polish to a garden. Per square metre, the cost of laying turf is an average of £15. However, it is increasingly more common for people to lay artificial turf as an alternative to the real thing as it requires little to no maintenance. For that reason, it is more expensive than laying real turf, particularly as it needs a lot more preparation of the area. You can expect to pay £60 a square meter for artificial grass.

Installing fencing

Keeping a well-maintained fence may sound like a chore but it can make a real difference to the aesthetic of a garden. Installing a good quality fence will cost an average of £75 a square metre for a garden landscaper to put into your outdoor space.

Creating raised beds

Creating raised beds is a good way to bring some colour and interest to your garden. In addition, many people find they are easier to maintain due to being higher up. They need a lot of earth and preparation, however, to ensure they are suitable for use. A 12ft by 6ft raised bed will start at £200. Importantly, it is more common to put flowers in a new raised bed and that can be an added cost.

Total garden redesign

The total redesign of a garden will be the most expensive way to employ a garden landscaper. The average cost of landscaping a small garden starts at about £7,000. Many are happy to pay such an amount as some see it as an asset that helps improve the value of their home. If you are keen to redesign your garden, work closely with your garden landscaper to ensure you know all the costs involved and exactly what their fee includes so there are no hidden surprises.