Guttering Services

1 April 2022 – 6 Minute Read

Summary of costs for different guttering jobs

Guttering Job Average Cost Average Time to Complete
Gutter joints £100 25 minutes
Cast iron gutter replacement £600 2 days
Stop end replacement £60 30 minutes for each
PVC gutter replacement £350 1 day
Gutter cleaning £5 per metre 3 hours

3 tips for finding the right tradesmen

If you plan on having any guttering work carried out on your property, it is important you find the right tradesmen to do the job. We have included 3 quick tips below to help you find the right specialist for the task.

Recommendations and reviews

Be sure to read previous customer reviews to get an idea of what to expect. A good tradesperson will provide these on their website. They may even have customer testimonials that you can easily refer to before going ahead and booking them.

Check their credentials

If you are having any work carried out on your property, you will want total peace of mind that the tradesperson is qualified and skilled. We recommend checking their credentials on their website to get an idea of the experience they have.

Set expectations

It is important to set boundaries and expectations from the start. This is more applicable to longer jobs as you will need to rely on the professional to turn up and do what they promised. Make sure you set a time frame and be clear about what you expect to be delivered.

Gutter cleaning cost

House gutters can cause damage and be an eyesore when they are left uncleaned. If you are experiencing issues with your gutters more frequently, it may be time to hire a guttering service.

Of course, before you do, it is a good idea to know what you can expect to pay along with what the task entails.

We have put together a handy guttering cost guide to help you with precisely this. From hourly rates to daily rates, and the timeframe for the job itself, we have provided all the information you need.

House guttering will help to protect your home from problems caused by excess water to save you money in the long run. While you may be able to do the task yourself, it can be good to know the services available should you need help with guttering.

So, with that said, take a look at the costs of hiring a guttering service via .

Guttering cost guide

Guttering services usually charge an hourly rate. It is essential to be aware that the price may differ depending on how blocked your house gutters are. If you have gutters that are 2 or more storeys high, this will also affect the overall cleaning costs.

We recommend hiring professionals to carry out the work for larger, taller properties as you could be injured without the necessary experience.

Before you go ahead and book a guttering service, take a look at the hourly and daily costs for guidance.

Hourly guttering rates

The average hourly rate for a guttering service in the UK is around £13 per hour . However, if your gutter is heavily blocked, you can expect to pay more for a guttering service as it will require more labour.

It can take a day to clean out a gutter properly so expect to pay about £80 for the complete service. Depending on the property size and the type of gutters you have, you may be charged more.

We recommend talking to the specialist to get a clear quote before you go ahead and book their services. You can find a list of gutter cleaning services in your local area when you visit , along with contact details for quotes.

How is gutter cleaning calculated?

Gutter cleaning is calculated based on a number of different factors. Before providing a quote, the guttering specialist will need to know about your property type and its size, the height of the property, the condition of the gutters and where you live.

For large detached homes, you should expect to pay more than you would for a small terraced house, for example.

Depending on the height of your home, it could take longer to clean the gutters and be a more tedious job. Likewise, if the gutters have been neglected for a while, you should expect to pay more as it will require more labour than usual to clean them out.

How often should a gutter be cleaned?

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. However, you may need to clean your gutters more if you live in a particularly leafy area. It is really important to clean out gutters and remove leaves, and other debris including branches.

Many people neglect to have their gutters cleaned, leading to further issues, as we have already mentioned. Clean gutters will last twice the time a dirty one will and can help prevent problems throughout the property.

You will also avoid creating an ideal place for critters, such as mosquitos and spiders, to breed which is a massive plus.

What is the cheapest gutter to use?

PVC or plastic gutters are far cheaper to install and maintain than cast iron gutters. Most people choose plastic gutters for their properties as they are more accessible and less time-consuming to replace, saving money in the long run.

If you need a gutter replacement, discuss options with a specialist to understand how much you will need to set aside to pay for the job.

Is it cheaper to repair a gutter?

When choosing whether to repair or replace a gutter, there are a few things to keep in mind including how much gutter is needed and the material of the gutter. A specialist will be able to advise on the best option for you, based on the gutter’s condition.

Guttering maintenance

You may also find your gutter requires maintenance and repairs as well as cleaning. A guttering specialist will be able to advise on the condition of your gutter if you have not checked it yourself.

In addition to paying for gutter cleaning, there are other things that could require attention, including the following:

Sagging - if your gutters are found to be sagging, additional support may be required to keep the gutters in place properly. Gutters should always be flush to the walls of a property and the supports are generally fitted to fascia boards.

Downpipes - even if your gutters have been cleaned, you may still find that water is an issue. This could be a sign that you require new downpipes.

New gutters - if all else fails and you find there is no improvement, despite having your gutters cleaned, you may need to replace them altogether. The specialist should be able to advise on costs for this type of job.

Typical rates for different types of gutter replacements

Should you be one of the unlucky few who needs a total gutter replacement, you are probably wondering just how much it will set you back. Installing new gutters depends on the size of your property, its height and the type of gutters you are having fitted.

The average cost to replace gutters on a terraced house that is 2 storeys high is £550 . This includes the new gutters themselves, waste removal and labour costs.

Gutter joint replacement

A new gutter joint (1 per 4m in length) will cost you around £100 for a terraced house. If you have a larger property, you can expect to pay more.

Cast iron gutter replacement

It takes approximately 2 days to replace a cast iron gutter and the job will cost you around £600 . This is calculated at £60 per every metre of gutter that is replaced.

Stop end replacement

It takes about 30 minutes to fit a stop end onto a gutter and will cost around £60 each.

PVC gutter replacement

To replace a PVC gutter, the job will take about a day and will cost £350 . This includes waste removal, labour and the new gutter itself.