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1 April 2022 – 9 Minute Read

How much does a gas engineer cost?

Whether you are concerned about a leak, or just want some general maintenance for your home gas system, hiring a professional gas engineer is always a good idea.

Not only will your gas engineer help make sure your gas appliances are all working correctly - but they will also give you personalised advice on how to make your home more energy-efficient, which can cut your power bills down, and save you a lot of cash.

Luckily, if you are thinking ‘how much does a gas engineer cost?’ - this guide is here to help you! From the individual ways your gas engineer may charge you, to a detailed breakdown of how much different services can cost - you will have all the information you need to plan your next gas maintenance appointment.

If you are unsure about choosing the right gas engineer for your needs, you can find tips on narrowing down your search at the end of this article, too.

Gas engineer cost guide

When you hire a gas engineer, keep in mind that you often will not know the true cost of a service until the engineer has visited your home and inspected the gas system.

The reason for this is that gas systems can be quite complicated, and your engineer may uncover a larger issue during their investigation, which could take further work or specific parts to fix.

However, if you are booking a standard service, like a thermostat replacement, your engineer will be able to give you a standard quote for the job without visiting your home first.

You should keep in mind that booking an emergency service will carry a higher charge. It may seem simple, but booking regular maintenance with your gas engineer can prevent any unexpected problems from occurring, and save you from needing costly emergency work!

Standard gas engineer rates

Depending on the kind of support you need from your gas engineer, they will charge you in a few different ways. If you are unsure which rates to expect from your local gas engineer, here is a breakdown of the different ways they may charge for a service:

How much does a gas engineer charge per hour?

For shorter or standard services, your gas engineer will most likely charge you an hourly rate.

For example, jobs like changing your thermostat will take just a few hours and are unlikely to require multiple consultations - so your engineer will charge you a standard hourly rate for the number of hours they spend working.

In the UK, a gas engineer will charge an average of £50 per hour, but rates can start at just £40 , depending on where you live.

How much does a gas engineer charge per day?

For more complicated jobs, or those that require more investigation, your engineer will most likely charge you a daily rate. In the UK, expect to pay an average daily rate of £255 for a gas engineer.

For example, boiler or water tank replacements are fairly involved jobs that often need a day or two of work to complete - so your engineer will charge you a daily rate to cover their services.

Additionally, if you have a boiler that is not heating water, or you require a full gas system check - your engineer will most likely opt for a daily rate. This is because they may find issues that are part of a bigger problem, which will then require a full investigation to make sure that everything has been resolved properly.

Paying a daily rate often works out cheaper than paying an hourly rate for the same amount of work - if you pay £255 for an 8 hour day, you will actually receive 3 hours of work free of charge!

How much does an emergency gas engineer cost?

Dealing with an uncooperative boiler can be difficult, and we have all been there at some point! If you think you will need the help of an emergency gas engineer, you may be concerned about how much it could cost you.

For emergency call outs, expect to pay a higher rate of £60 per hour, but you may have to pay as much as £100 per hour depending on the type of job you need an emergency gas engineer to help with.

Which factors can affect gas engineer prices?

In most cases, your gas engineer will be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate for the cost of the work you would like them to complete - provided they do not encounter any extra issues during the service.

However, there are a few factors that can affect your overall bill.

For example, if you are located in London or the South East, you will often pay higher hourly and daily rates for gas engineer services. This usually will not be more than an extra £15 per hour, but always double-check with your engineer if you are unsure!

Not only this, but if you are having a new boiler, thermostat, or water tank installed - you will have to pay a materials cost on top of the price of installation. Your engineer will be able to discuss different models with you, and will often offer a few options to suit different budgets.

It is always a good idea to ask for an itemised bill, to make sure that you are paying competitive prices for both materials and labour.

Rates for different gas engineer services

If you have a specific gas system job in mind, here is how much you can expect to pay your engineer for different services:

Gas safety certification

Issuing a gas safety certificate is a fairly standard job for most gas engineers, but it can vary in time and cost depending on how many gas appliances you have, and what condition they are in.

The average cost for a safety certificate for one appliance is £50 , but for three or more appliances you may need to pay £125 or more.

Keep in mind that if your gas appliances are hard to access or require extra maintenance before they meet safety requirements - that you will need to pay a higher rate.

If your gas appliances use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), you will not usually need to pay more money for a safety certificate, but your gas engineer will need to check your gas system more thoroughly due to carbon monoxide risks.

In the UK, most gas engineers will give you a safety certification once they have completed work on your gas appliances. If you are a landlord, you are legally required to get all gas appliances certified every 12 months, and you must keep up-to-date copies of all certificates.

Boiler servicing

It may seem simple, but asking your gas engineer to regularly service your boiler will not only help prevent larger issues from forming - but it can save you money on emergency repairs, and reduce your risk of cold showers in the morning!

The average cost of having your boiler serviced in the UK is £80 . For this charge, your gas engineer will make sure that each part of your boiler system is working properly, and will perform basic maintenance as needed.

It is a good idea to book a boiler service every 12 months, but your gas engineer will be able to advise you on the requirements of your specific boiler and gas system type.

Boiler repair

The average cost of UK boiler repairs is £280 - however, the cost of the service will ultimately depend on the nature of the repairs you need.

In most cases, the boiler problems you notice will only be part of a larger problem, so you may need to pay more for materials, investigation time, and unexpected extra work.

For example, if you have no hot water, this could be a problem with the gas valve, which could cost around £325 to fix. However, the same issue could be caused by a malfunctioning heat sensor, which is often a lot cheaper and faster to fix.

If your boiler is showing fault codes, making unusual noises, or potentially leaking - these issues will take more time and materials to fix, and will therefore carry a higher cost.

Boiler replacement

If your boiler is frequently having problems, it may be easier and cheaper to simply replace it.

Your gas engineer will be able to advise you on the size and style of boiler that best fits your home and lifestyle - and will often offer different replacement options to suit your budget.

You may want to keep in mind that system and combination boilers tend to be slightly more cost-effective, requiring an average of £2,325 for materials and installation.

On the other end, biomass or condenser boilers are more energy-efficient, but they do carry a higher cost. Expect to pay £2,250 for a condenser boiler, and an average of £6,500 for a biomass model.

Gas fire servicing

If you have a domestic gas fire, it is important to get it serviced annually for your safety and peace of mind. The average cost in the UK is £50 , which covers general inspections and basic maintenance.

Remember, if you need extra repairs or replacement parts, your gas engineer will need to add these costs to your final bill.

Gas fire replacement

If you decide to fully replace your gas fire, your average bill will be £125 , but this will vary depending on your location, and the specific model you select. Prices can start from just £50 , so it is worth checking what is available in your area.

Hot water tank replacement

The water tank is an essential part of your boiler system, and it can sometimes be cheaper to completely replace it, instead of paying for multiple repairs over time.

The average cost in the UK is £600 , but your gas engineer will be able to advise you on the most affordable option for your home and gas system.

Thermostat replacement

To replace your thermostat, you can expect to pay an average of £215 . To replace your existing thermostat with a similar model should not take too much time, but installing a whole new smart thermostat or similar device may require more work, and carry a higher charge.

Overall gas engineer price list

Gas engineer service Average cost
Typical hourly rate £50
Typical daily rate £255
Gas safety certification £50 for one appliance
Boiler servicing £80
Boiler repair £280
Boiler replacement £2,325 for combination or system models
Gas fire servicing £50
Gas fire replacement £125
Hot water tank replacement £600
Thermostat replacement £215

How to choose the right gas engineer

Now you have an idea of the average gas engineer prices to expect, you may be wondering how to make sure you have chosen the best business for the job. If you are feeling unsure, here are 3 handy tips that will help you select an excellent gas engineer:

Make sure they are certified

As gas systems are very complicated, all gas engineers in the UK are required to be ‘Gas Safe Registered’ by law. Before you ask any heating or gas engineer to carry out work for you, you must ask for proof that they are registered, to avoid being caught out.

The majority of gas engineers will be perfectly happy to show you their proof of registration, and it is always best to double-check for your safety and peace of mind.

Check their reviews

Knowing that your gas engineer has a good track record is always an advantage, so it is worth taking the time to read past customer reviews.

When you search with , you will be able to view detailed customer reviews for all gas engineers in your area, which makes it easy to find a business you can rely on.

Ask for a second opinion

Whenever you are searching for a good quality gas engineer, you should always ask a few different businesses to quote on the job you have in mind. This way, you will be able to make sure you are paying a standard price for your area, and you will be able to compare different services to ensure you have found the best one for your needs.

If you are searching for a reliable local gas engineer, you can find an excellent selection on .