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1 April 2022 – 6 Minute Read

Summary of gardener cost prices

Type of work Average Cost
Gardener’s hourly rate £20
Gardener’s daily rate £150
Cost of garden turf £150 plus materials
Cost of garden makeover £500 plus materials
Cost of garden pond installation £400
Cost of digging out a garden £80

3 tips for finding the right gardener

Gardens can provide a little sanctuary for you, so it is a fantastic idea to invest in the space by hiring a gardener to take care of it for you.  Getting the right gardener is key to ensuring your garden becomes the oasis you want it to be. Use our tips below to make sure you choose the gardener you want and need.

Recommendations and reviews

Using a gardener that comes with rave reviews and several recommendations is a must. Knowing that they can produce quality work and have the experience to know what they are doing is the only way you can make certain you are hiring the right person for the job. If they do not yet have many reviews yet on, be sure to ask them several questions about how they tackle problems, so you can be certain that they can undertake the work you need.

Check credentials

Not all gardeners will necessarily have qualifications or accreditations. However, you can still check their credentials by asking them for a portfolio of work. This will help you judge their experience. It can be great to see visuals of what projects they have completed in the past to ensure you know they can reach the standard you require.

Outline times and payments

From the very beginning, it can be really helpful to inform your gardener about what times you want them to be at your property and for how long. By not doing so, you leave the question, and you might find that your potential gardener is thinking along very different lines. By ensuring you are on the same page from the start, you can help each other get off on the right foot and begin a mutually beneficial working relationship.

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How much does a gardener cost?

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it is likely to be the largest space of your property. However, upkeep can be time consuming, not to mention back breaking at times. So many of us just want to enjoy our gardens without having to put in the hard graft of weeding and mowing the lawn.

Employing a gardener for a few hours a week can make a huge difference, but what will this mean in terms of cost? What is a gardener’s hourly rate, or how much will it cost to dig out a garden? In our guide to what a gardener can cost, we explore the garden rates per hour you can expect, as well as looking at what an entire garden makeover may set you back.

Gardener rates

For a good gardener, you can expect to pay £20 an hour. However, that can go up or down depending on your gardener’s experience. If you simply want your lawns mowed or weeding done on a regular basis it may be cheaper simply to pay an unskilled labourer to do it, as this can cost £10 an hour.

A good gardener, however, will bring a lot more skill to your garden. This extra skill level is what justifies the price difference. A good gardener will be more than just a person who clear out flower beds for you. They will be able to tell you what plants will thrive in certain areas of your garden while also making suggestions on ways to visually improve your garden.

While they may not be able to do bigger jobs like installing decking or laying patio, like a landscape gardener would, a gardener with a good knowledge base will be able to make your garden looking great at all times of the year. Plus, they will know how to make the most of any awkward spots in your plot and enhance already beautiful areas. They should also be able to help with more technical jobs. For example, trimming hedges or pruning trees is something that some gardeners will be more than happy to do. While some tree pruning may require the exacting standards of a tree surgeon (and their specialist equipment), many trees — if they are maintained regularly — will be suitable for a gardener to trim on occasion.

For some, it may be better to work on a daily basis if you have a big enough garden, or you may feel it better to employ a gardener for one day a month, as opposed to a couple of hours a week. The average price a gardener will charge for a day’s work is £150. That may increase, however, depending on the tools required for the job, as well as the locality of the garden in question. Inaccessible gardens will likely see a premium put on top of a gardener’s daily or hourly rate.

Finally, a gardener’s hourly and day rates may differ according to the equipment they bring themselves. Some may have their own tools and lawn mower, while others will need to use yours. Do remember to factor in other costs, like garden waste disposal.

Costs of common garden projects

For some, it may not be the best solution to employ a gardener on a regular basis — on either a daily or hourly rate. Instead, choosing them for specific projects may be better depending on what you want and how your garden is looking.

Garden turf cost

Laying turf is not a hugely complicated task, and it will cost about £15 a square metre for the turf itself, on top of your gardener’s usual rate. As a result, you can expect to pay £80 for their time, in addition to the cost of turf. If the area to be covered is very large it could take them up to a day to complete. In such cases, a reputable gardener will give you plenty of forewarning if their bill is expected to come in closer to £150.

Garden makeover cost

The cost for a garden makeover or garden renovation using a gardener, as opposed to a qualified landscaper, could be as low as £500. This is based on the fact that an average garden will take about a week to clear and renovate properly. However, be sure to know what costs your gardener will charge extra for. Will plants be included or will garden debris removal be an extra fee?

Garden pond installation cost

The cost of a pond installation will be on average £400. However, that will obviously vary in accordance with the size of the required pond. Ponds need a lot of preparation to ensure they do not leak water, and gardeners must make sure they are set up properly to encourage healthy pond life.

The cost of digging out a garden

Clearing a garden out is often a long and tough job to complete. However, the majority of gardens in the UK will probably only need about half a day to clear to a good level. This will usually incur a cost of £80 on average. Your gardener will be able to give you a tailored quote; however, if you have a large garden or your garden is particularly overgrown, this could be more.