Fascias & Soffits

1 April 2022 – 6 Minute Read

Additional cost to replace soffit and fascia

The cost to replace soffit and fascia could include some extra fees. The table below shows the average cost of these additional factors.

Additional Job Average Cost
Scaffolding £600
Waste disposal £50
Unblocking gutters and drains £100
Replacing cement £150
Gutter guards £200

3 tips for finding a tradesman for soffit and fascia replacement

To get an accurate soffits and fascias cost for your property, you will need to get quotes from some local tradesmen. Choosing a company or contractor you can trust is essential. Follow these 3 tips to find a tradesman for soffit and fascia replacement.

Ask for recommendations

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a contractor you can trust. Ask friends and family if they have had their roof fixtures replaced recently and who they used for the job. If they were happy with the tradesmen they used, you can be sure they will do a good job on your home as well.

Read reviews

If you do not know anyone who has recently had their soffits and fascias replaced, look for recommendations online. Read reviews of local tradespeople and see what their previous customers have to say about their services.

Look at previous work

You want to choose someone who is experienced in replacing soffits and fascias. Ask to see pictures of jobs they have recently completed and make sure you are happy with the quality of their work.

How much do soffits and fascias cost?

Most properties will have fascia boards and soffits which need replacing over time. Fascia boards are the timbers that are fixed onto the edge of the rafters to hide them from view. Soffits then bridge the gap between the edge of the roof and the wall. The majority of houses are built with wooden soffits, which can become warped and distorted over time. When this happens, they will need to be replaced and you might be left wondering how much soffits and fascias cost.

Whether you have old wooden fittings which need to be replaced or your property has a leaking gutter which needs repairing, it is important you understand the cost to replace soffits and fascias. It is crucial that you hire a professional roofer for this job as it is not one that you can tackle yourself. Most homeowners choose to swap their old wooden fittings for uPVC soffits and fascias, but they are also available in timber, aluminium or steel.

The type of property you own and the type of fittings you want will all impact the soffits and fascias cost. In this guide, we are covering the typical cost to replace soffits and fascias, as well as how much you can expect to pay for different types of fittings.

Soffits and fascias cost guide

There are a lot of variables which will impact the average cost of soffit and fascia replacement. The size of your property will play the biggest part in determining the soffit fascia replacement cost as this will change the amount that needs to be installed. Tradesmen might quote for replacing roof fixtures by metre or as a total cost for your property. If you are having your soffits and fascias replaced because of damaged guttering or other problems, you might need to budget for additional costs to fix the issue.

How much does it cost to replace soffit and fascia?

The average cost of soffit and fascia replacement starts from £1,000 for a terraced house. Terraced houses are the cheapest to replace fittings because there are less roof edges involved. For a semi-detached house, you can expect to pay upwards of £1,600 and for a mid-sized detached house prices will start from £3,000. You should also factor in the cost to replace soffits and fascias on garages as well as porches. Garage soffits and fascias will be anything from £600 and a small porch could set you back a further £200.

The cost of replacing eaves and soffits will ultimately depend on the materials being used, the condition of the current fittings and how accessible your property is. For example, replacing concrete soffits and fascias with uPVC is a much bigger job than replacing timber because removing the concrete takes a lot of time.

How much does capping and painting soffits and fascias cost?

There is also the option to cap timber soffits and fascias with aluminium or uPVC instead of completely replacing them. This is much cheaper than the soffit and gutter replacement cost because much less labour is required. Old soffits and fascias do not need to be removed and disposed of, making capping a far simpler job. The capping soffits and fascias cost start from £750 for an average detached house.

Painting soffits and fascias is another option for homeowners which can leave the existing fittings looking as good as new. This can only be done if the roof is in a good condition and nothing needs repairing or replacing. For painting soffits and fascias, you can expect to pay around £750 but this will depend on the size of the property.

Will my location change the soffit fascia cost?

The location of your property will have an impact on the soffits and fascias cost. The South East and London is typically more expensive for all trades, including roofing. It is always worth getting various quotes in your local area to determine the most reasonably priced option for your home.

Soffit and fascia cost by type

One of the biggest factors to the fascia, soffit and guttering replacement cost is the type of material used. Below we outline the average new soffit cost by material, which makes up a large proportion of the total cost. These average prices are for supplies only and labour costs will need to be considered as well.

Timber soffits and fascias cost

Flat fascia and soffit boards made from timber will cost roughly £5 per metre. Soffit boards are typically slightly cheaper than fascia boards but this can depend on the supplier. Timber roof fittings can look traditional and provide a sturdy option but they are prone to warping and distorting over time, and could need replacing again in future.

uPVC soffits and fascias cost

uPVC is the most popular material for replacing soffits and fascias because it is long lasting and hard wearing. A uPVC fascia board will cost £4 per metre and a uPVC soffit board from £2 per metre. This material is a cheap option for replacing soffits and fascias, and looks great on all types of properties.

Aluminium soffits and fascias cost

Aluminium soffits and fascias cost upwards of £15 for fascia boards and £10 for soffit boards per metre. This is a less common option for roof fittings but some homeowners choose it because it is stronger than uPVC, but easier to fit than timber. Aluminium is very lightweight so roofers can install it quickly which can keep the labour cost down compared with other options.

Steel soffits and fascias cost

A steel fascia board will cost around £8 per metre and a steel soffit board £18 per metre. Steel soffits and fascias cost more than other materials but are very long-lasting and durable. These are also available in a range of different colours and styles so you have more flexibility over the look of your house.