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Electrician Pricing Summary

3 tips for finding the right electrician

Here are some essential tips to help you find the right electrician to suit your needs.

Get recommendations

You should always ask friends, family or neighbours for any recommendations when seeking a reliable electrician. Go online, do some research and check out any reviews to get an indication of the quality of their work. If you do find someone through a friend, visit their homes to assess what the tradespeople have done. Usually, anyone who has found a trustworthy professional will only be too happy to share their contact details.

Request 3 quotes for the work

When hiring an electrician, you should never go with the first quote. Instead, speak with 3 different tradespeople. This should give you a good range of prices so you know what to expect and what represents good value. Consider the pros and cons of each before choosing your electrician.

It’s always sensible to request a quote in writing as well as ask any questions if one is far more expensive than another. This should help you uncover any hidden costs. You should also make sure you understand the payment terms, particularly for any lengthy projects. This can be in cash, various payments or a lump sum after the work has been completed.

Check their qualifications

It is important to verify the qualifications of any electricians you hire. This way you can be sure they have the appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out any work safely and securely. You should always ask how long they have been in the business and what their qualifications are. In the UK, an electrician must have Level 3 of an industry-recognised qualification. They may also be a member of an industry-recognised body, such as the Electrical Contractors Association .

Electrician Job Average Cost Average Time to Complete
Replace light fixture £150 ½ day to 1 day
Install power sockets £150 ½ day to 1 day
Rewire house £3,750 2 weeks
Replace breaker £450 to £550 1 to 2 days

How much does an electrician cost?

Electrician costs can vary due to the difficulty of a job, its location and how long is needed for it to be completed. From replacing light fixtures to rewiring entire homes, there are a range of projects electricians can work upon, all requiring different levels of skill and ability.

The hourly rate of an electrician will often depend on the complexity of the work they’ve been asked to undertake and the duration of the project. The age of a property and your location will also influence how much an electrician will charge. Although using their services comes with a cost, electricians are usually skilled professionals and have plenty of experience in this field. They are often well worth investing in as any work should be carried out safely and to a high standard. If you try to carry out any electrics work on your own, you could be putting yourself at risk of electrocution or causing damage to your property.

In our price guide, we will explore how much electricians charge, electrician call out charges and electrician costs per hour.

Electrician cost guide

Electricians are paid for their skill and time so the exact amount can change from job to job.

Some tasks, such as installing new lighting or appliances, should be fairly straightforward and will be charged by the hour. An electrician will be able to provide you with a quote for this work without needing to visit your property. However, for more complicated jobs, such as rewiring an older house, they will usually charge either a day rate or a fixed fee to cover their time. They may need to visit your property to assess the work before providing you with a quote

If your situation is an emergency, this will usually incur a call-out fee as well as additional costs, especially if their services are needed in an evening or at a weekend.

Will where I live impact how much I pay an electrician?

The area you live in will have an impact on how much you pay an electrician. Anyone living in London or the South East will usually have to pay more than those based elsewhere. In London, the average cost of an electrician can be as much as £50 . Outside of London, this can drop to £20 although this is dependent on the work required. Ultimately, the type of work will have more of an influence over cost than location.

How much do electricians charge per hour?

The cost of electricians per hour will vary depending on the work. For example, some will charge up to £45 per hour to install new lighting fixtures. Replacing a fuse box may cost as much as £60 per hour while a single replacement light will be significantly less at £30 per hour.

How much do electricians charge per day?

The amount an electrician can charge per day sometimes depends on the size of the company you have chosen to work with. Bigger companies will often charge more than one sole trader although, again, this is tied to the kind of work needed.

For example, installing an electric boiler or lighting could cost around £250 . Daily charges could reach as much as £350 for more extensive jobs.

Typical electrician rates

We’ve provided an overview of some typical jobs for electricians and the kind of rates you should expect to pay for this work.

Electrician cost to replace light fixture

A common job for an electrician is to replace or repair a light fixture or light switch. Sometimes, homeowners will request this work as part of a more extensive renovation and the costs will be included in that is the case. However, if this is a standalone piece of work, you will need to pay individual bills including the labour and parts. Installation of light fittings cost around £150 while a repair can cost £75.

Installing new power sockets

Over time, a home’s plug sockets can become damaged or scorched, meaning they need to be replaced. Alternatively, you may just want your sockets to be moved so they are more conveniently located to appliances or goods in the home. This is a standard task for a qualified electrician and can cost up to £150 .

Electrician house rewire cost

Rewiring a property is often required if your house is of a certain age. There is no set schedule to conduct rewiring but it is recommended that the electrics of properties are checked every ten years, particularly if your property is older than this. Not only does this reduce the risk of a fire and make your house safer, it will also enhance energy efficiency and potentially provide you with access to the latest smart home technology.

Rewiring an average 3-bedroom house can cost £3,750 .

Electrician cost to replace breaker

Replacing a breaker can sometimes be an emergency job as fuses can blow at any time of the day or night. But many electricians will carry a fuse board with them as the job itself is a routine one for an experienced tradesperson once they are on-site.

The cost of replacing a breaker is £450 , rising to £550 if you need to relocate it.

How to find the best local electricians

You know you need an electrician, but you're not sure how to find the best local services. What do you do next?

Start by reading the latest electrician hiring advice, and get all the information you need to know. Once you're prepared, browse your local professionals on Yell, or post an enquiry and let interested electricians contact you.