Chimney Sweeps

1 April 2022 – 5 Minute Read

How much does a chimney sweep cost?

When the summer begins to draw to a close and those cold autumn days arrive, it is the perfect time to ready your chimney for a roaring fire. If you own a fireplace, you will know that it’s important to keep your chimney in good condition to make sure you avoid any problems, and can enjoy your fire safely throughout the winter. While you can carry out basic maintenance yourself, expert chimney sweeps are trained to provide a thorough service that will keep you toasty and warm as the nights grow darker.

Most chimney sweeps recommend you have your chimney cleaned and checked once a year to ensure there are no blockages. This not only helps to prevent the risk of fire but it also reduces the emissions that enter the home. In addition, a regular sweep ensures the fire is as efficient as possible so each log or briquette of fuel provides as much warmth for your home as possible.

There are many different types of chimney and each can have its own unique characteristics depending on the type and age of the home you own. As a result, chimney sweeping costs can vary when it comes to more complicated or unusual jobs. Some chimneys may require replacement parts, such as lining, which can increase the cost of the job. To help you get a better idea of what you can expect to pay, our handy guide covers the average cost of a chimney sweep along with some of the added costs you may face.

Average cost of a chimney sweep UK

Most chimney sweep projects are charged on an hourly or daily rate but some chimney sweeps will charge a fixed price for a more basic or popular service. Our guide below offers a list of the average chimney sweep costs in the UK and highlights some of the factors that could influence the price you pay.

How much does it cost to sweep a chimney per hour?

The time it takes to sweep a chimney will depend on the amount of maintenance it has received. A chimney that is regularly cared for and was last cleaned within the past year will only take around one hour to clean professionally. However, if your chimney has not been cleaned for 2 years or more it can take closer to 2 hours for cleaning to be completed. The average hourly cost for a regularly maintained chimney sits at £60 so those requiring a deeper clean can expect to pay £120.

Location - what does a chimney sweep near me cost?

While the average cost of chimney sweep services is relatively similar no matter where you live, there are some parts of the country where costs are significantly higher. For example, in London you can expect to pay an average of £200 for a chimney sweep provided by a large firm that deals with residential and commercial chimneys. In northern parts of the country, however, smaller chimney sweep businesses or independent sweeps will charge an average of £50 for a simple cleaning job.

How much does it cost to sweep your chimney with a fixed price quote?

When charging a fixed price for sweeping a chimney, most chimney sweeps in the UK will adjust their price based on the type of chimney, the ease of access and the time it will take to clean the chimney. However, the average fixed price quoted by chimney sweeps is still similar no matter where you are in the UK. If you require a chimney sweep for an open fire, the average fixed price will be £80, whereas a lined stove chimney will cost an average of £100. If you have an unlined chimney, the average price you quoted will be slightly higher, at around £120.

Typical costs for common chimney sweep services

A basic chimney sweep service is often charged as a fixed rate, with an average price that only varies slightly based on the type of chimney you have. However, there are other services offered by chimney sweeps that can differ when it comes to pricing, based on a number of factors. We have covered some of the average costs of these services below to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay should you need more than an annual clean.

Dealing with a blockage

If a serious blockage has occurred in your chimney, your sweep may charge an additional fee to clear it. Typical blockages that must be cleared before the chimney can safely be used include a bird’s nest that has fallen into the flue, which can damage the chimney cowl and may force you to buy a replacement. The average cost for a replacement cowl is £40 while labour costs for this repair are, on average, £175.

Replacing a hearth

Some chimney sweeps will offer additional fireplace services, such as the replacement of an old hearth. If your hearth is damaged or needs to be refreshed to brighten up the room, you can expect to pay a chimney sweep an average of £150. The addition of a new fire guard will double this price as a guard averages at £150.

Lining a chimney

While not all chimneys require lining, all new chimneys are lined to comply with modern safety regulations. Lining can also help to prevent blockages and fires, and can help to extend the life of your flue. The average price of adding lining to a chimney across the UK is £200.

Chimney sweep cost UK summary table

Chimney sweep services Average costs
Open fire sweep £80
Lined stove chimney £100
Unlined chimney £120
New hearth £150
Fire guard £150
Chimney lining £200
Bird nest removal £110

3 tips for finding the right chimney sweep

It might surprise you to hear that there are many chimney sweeps operating across all parts of the UK. While there are generally more sweeps operating in highly-populated areas, it is still likely you will be faced with multiple options. We have put together 3 top tips to help you narrow down your search and find the right one for you.

Listen to recommendations

Many chimney sweeps rely on recommendations and reviews to get work. When searching for a sweep, look at the reviews on a trusted website to get a better idea of the services they offer and the quality of work they provide.

Take into account additional services

If you need specialist services, such as a new hearth or fire guard, you should use these criteria to narrow down your search. Not all chimney sweeps are able to provide fireplace services so make sure you check with any potential service provider before you arrange a visit.

Keeping in touch

Many professional and conscientious chimney sweeps will take the time to let you know when you are next due to have your chimney cleaned. This approach can take the pressure off you, allowing you to simply enjoy your fireplace safe in the knowledge that your chimney sweep will get in touch when it is due for maintenance.

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