Central Heating Services

11 October 2023 – 6 Minute Read

Summary of costs for different property sizes

3 tips for finding the right central heating installer

One of the most critical elements in any central heating installation is finding a good installer. Here are our top 3 tips for choosing the right central heating installer.

Get recommendations and reviews

Asking your friends and family for their recommendations of a central heating installer is always a good way to find a tradesperson. Armed with their recommendations, you can then check on trusted websites for reviews from customers.

Get 3 installation quotes

To help you keep central heating costs to a minimum, it is always good to compare several quotes. Before the installation, an installer will visit your home to assess the work involved. From this, they will work out the costs and give you a quote. Simply accepting the first quote without speaking to other installers could mean you end up being overcharged without realising it. Aim for at least 3 quotes from different installation companies to help you find the best price for installing central heating.

Check the installer’s credentials

Before booking your central heating installation, make sure the installer is up to the job. It is a good idea to check that the engineer is Gas Safe registered, if you have a gas boiler, or is an OFTEC engineer if you own an oil boiler. For added peace of mind, you can verify their registration on the Gas Safe Register website.

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Property Size Number of Radiators Boiler Size Total Cost
1-bedroom bungalow 5 24kw £2,300
2-bedroom house 6 24kw £3,000
3-bedroom house 9 28kw £3,500
4-bedroom house 10 33kw £4,000
5-bedroom house 12 33kw £4,500

How much does central heating installation cost?

Nothing can compare to a warm, centrally-heated home on a cold winter's day. But if your radiators take forever to warm up and your boiler has seen better days, those warm, cosy days may feel more like a dream.

If you struggle to keep your home warm during the winter, you may need to consider fitting a new central heating system. For the cost of a new central heating system and radiators, you can have peace of mind that your home is warm and comfortable, and you have hot water on tap whenever you need it.

In our guide to central heating installation costs, you will find everything you need to start a central heating system installation.

Central heating installation cost guide

The overall cost of installing a new central heating system will largely depend on your home's size and how many radiators you have. A 4-bedroom home will need more pipework and radiators than a smaller 2-bedroom flat and, therefore, be more expensive. Other variables that can impact the final central heating system cost include the type, brand and size of the boiler, and the size and style of radiators. The cost of a new central heating pump depends on which type of pump is needed and where your installer buys it from. There is also the sophistication of the heating controls to consider as well as the ease of installation. The quote from a central heating installer should cover all these elements.

What is included in the cost of a central heating installation?

Included in a new central heating system installation are a boiler, heating controls, pipework and radiators. Depending on the type of boiler installed, a new central heating system may need a water storage cylinder, a feed and an extension tank. The cost of each of these parts varies and is mainly dependent on the manufacturer. Alongside the cost of the parts, the installer will charge for their labour.

How much does it cost to install a central heating system?

While the cost of installing a central heating system will vary, you can expect to pay around £3,500. This cost is based on an engineer charging £200 a day and an additional £100 a day for an extra labourer. If the cost of a central heating system installation seems vast, consider the potential savings you can make by updating your home's central heating system. Boilers are now very efficient. They use much less fuel compared to older heating systems but without compromising on heat output.

Electric or gas central heating?

An electric central heating system costs at least three times more per unit than gas. Heating and cooking with gas offer potential savings of over £1,000 a year. If you want to save on your central heating cost, a gas central heating system is considerably more cost-effective than an electric system. However, while a one-off central heating service costs £60, or £200 for an annual servicing contract, there is virtually no maintenance to pay with electric. The electric central heating installation cost is also much lower as there is no pipework needed.

Do oil-based heating systems cost more to install?

Oil-based heating systems are popular in rural areas or where people do not have access to gas. However, the oil central heating installation cost charged by UK installers is considerably more than gas or electric. To install an oil heating system, you can expect to pay £4,500.

Choosing a boiler manufacturer

The cost of a boiler depends on the manufacturer. Those that are considered high end will inevitably be more expensive. However, there are plenty of quality boiler manufacturers that are more budget-friendly.  Some of the best boiler manufacturers include Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Viessmann and Ideal. Each manufacturer, in turn, has different ranges and models of central heating system to choose between. Some of the top ranges from each of these manufacturers include Worcester Bosch Greenstar I, Vaillant ecoTEC Plus, Baxi 800, Viessmann Vitodens 200-W and Ideal Vogue Max.

Central heating installation cost breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the costs to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for fitting a new central heating system.

Boiler installation costs

To install a traditional boiler, you can expect to pay £1,650 for the boiler and installation. It will be slightly more for a combi boiler at around £2,000. You may find the cost of the boiler reduces when included as part of a whole new central heating system installation.

Radiator installation costs

The cost of radiators varies depending on which style you choose. However, you can expect to pay in the region of £200. Replacing just one radiator on its own would need to be calculated into the overall cost of the installation. This may include bleeding the system. A heating engineer can charge £300 a day to do so. Although in a complete system installation, it will typically be priced as a single cost rather than worked out using an hourly or day rate. An entire installation that includes several new radiators can reduce the price. You can expect the price for new radiators for an average 3-bedroom home to come in at £1,000.

Pipework costs

The costs of pipework for the central heating installation will depend on how many rooms there are in your home. However, you can expect a 3-bedroom house to cost £900 for new pipework.

Water tank installation costs

You may need a water tank installed, depending on the type of boiler you choose, which will supply the system. This is often one of the cheaper parts of the installation and costs £200.