1 April 2022 – 6 Minute Read

How much is a builder’s hourly rate?

From home renovations and damp proofing to extensions and conversions, skilled builders can take on a number of different projects on homes or commercial properties.

A builder’s hourly rate will vary, often reflected in the scale and complexity of the building job. As professional tradespeople, they will bring a wealth of skills and experience, and will be capable of completing building work to a high standard. Investing in their services is definitely a sensible option rather than trying to undertake any work yourself. While builders will charge you, and you will need to pay for their labour and materials, it will likely be more cost-effective over time. They will also be able to complete the work safely and to proper building standards. For smaller projects, they can work alone but if the work is extensive, they will usually work with experts in different areas, such as damp-proofing or roofing.

In our price guide, we will explore day rates for builders, how much builders charge per hour and how builders charge.

Builders cost guide

Builder costs will vary from job to job. For simple, standard building jobs, such as plastering, pointing or tiling, builders will charge by the hour and be able to provide you with a quote over the phone without needing to see the job in-person.

Such jobs are often straight-forward and can be completed quickly, as long as no unseen issues are found. However, for bigger, more extensive projects, builders will need more time to complete the work. For renovations or extensions, tradespeople will need to visit a property to assess the work and what is required. After they have calculated the size of a job, as well as the materials and labour needed, a detailed quote can be provided.

Will where I live impact how much I pay a builder?

The location of the property to be worked on can impact how much you pay a builder.

If you live in or around London or in the South East, you will likely be paying more for building work than those living elsewhere.

If you live in London, you may pay builders more than £40 per hour . Other areas surrounding London are also more expensive with some charging £50 per hour.

If you live elsewhere in the UK, you will pay between £20 and £30 per hour .

Pricing can fluctuate so it is always sensible to take some time to do your research to find the most competitively priced builder wherever you are.

How much do builders charge per hour?

Builders will have different hourly rates for different types of jobs. If the job is routine, needing only minimal knowledge and materials, this will likely be charged at a standard rate. More demanding work will command a higher fee.

The hourly cost of any work will cover equipment, labour and materials. This is usually between £20 and £50 , depending on where you are located.

How much do builders charge per day?

Day rates for builders will be charged for longer, more challenging jobs, such as renovation or extensions. In these scenarios, more materials will be required and the builder will often work with larger teams that have different skill sets.

This will work out less than if you were to pay by the hour. A typical day rate for a builder can range from £190 to £260 .

For specific projects, builders will come to the property so they can speak to you about your requirements. They will then assess how much work is required and what skills need to be included in the team that takes on the project. It will also allow them to work out if they need extras, such as a skip, scaffolding or a digger.

Typical building rates

We’ve provided an overview of some typical jobs for builders and the kind of rates you should expect to pay.


Small building projects will usually involve bricklaying. This could be building an outer wall or post, or adding an extension. It can cost up to £250 for a wall to be built. If the work involves pointing or repairing an old wall, this is usually charged at £50 per square metre .

Building a conservatory

The average cost of building a conservatory will depend on a range of factors including size, finish, how many doors, glass type and more.

Before meeting a builder to discuss, you must consider how big you want your conservatory to be and if it needs planning permission. If you already have a conservatory and want to demolish it to build a new one, you will also need to factor this work into your price.

Building a conservatory can cost around £2,000 .

Building an extension

If you want to bring a builder into your property to build an extension, you will need a clear idea of where and how big you want this work to be. If you have ambitious plans, you may need to work with an architect or structural engineer to assess if your ideas are practical and safe. Building work can impact the size and footprint of a property so you may need planning permission. The price of building an extension varies but generally it can cost £2,000 for a one-room extension.

Cost for a new roof

The cost for a new roof depends on the size of your property, the materials needed and the kind of roof that needs to be replaced. If it is a flat roof above a garage, it will cost less than a slate roof on a 5-bedroom semi-detached house. Generally, this costs £2,500 for a 2-bedroom property.

Builder pricing summary

Building Job Average Cost Average Time to Complete
Building an outer wall £250 Half a day to 1 day
Building a conservatory £2,000 3 to 4 weeks
Building an extension £2,000 3 to 4 months
Cost for a new roof £2,500 3 days

3 Tips for Finding the Right Builder

Here are some essential tips to help you find the right builder to suit your needs.

Shop around for different quotes

If you are planning on serious renovation work to your property, you want to use a builder who is reliable and trustworthy. Adding an extension or making a kitchen area open plan are big jobs which have the potential to disrupt your home lives for some time, so you want to make sure you are working with a builder you can trust. Ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations as many people are usually only too happy to share the details of anyone they have liked, or who has done a good job. It’s sensible to get up to 3 quotes to give you an idea of how much builders are charging for different projects.

Check they have the correct credentials

If you are planning on a large-scale building project, try and see a portfolio of similar projects they have worked on. You should request a site visit to see how they work, and check for any associations they are members of, such as the National Federation of Builders . You should also ask the builder if they have public liability insurance in place and if they have, ask to see the relevant certificate.

Look out for hidden extras

When you are looking for building quotes, make sure every part of the work has been accounted for or you are at risk of incurring hidden costs when you receive your final bill. For example, if your work needs scaffolding, make sure scaffolding hire charges are included. If the job involves knocking down an old conservatory, it is likely you will need to hire a skip to avoid lots of trips to the tip to remove the waste. This may or may not be included in your quote so it’s sensible to check. You should ask for a quote to be provided in writing and check how the final bill can be paid, for example, in instalments, cash or in one lump sum on completion of the work.