Boiler Service & Repair

11 October 2023 – 6 Minute Read

Summary of common boiler projects

3 tips for finding right tradesmen

When you are considering hiring a heating engineer, it is important to ensure you find the right company for your requirements. Follow our 3 tips below to make sure you track down the right tradesman for you.

Check reviews

It’s always important to seek out the impartial opinion of others when it comes to hiring tradesmen. Use a trusted website to search for independent reviews of heating engineers and choose a company that consistently delivers quality and value.

Find the right specialist

It’s important to make sure the tradesman you choose can work with the boiler and heating system in your home. If you have an unusual or old boiler, or you would like to discuss replacing your heating system with an alternative to the most popular modern options, seek out a heating engineer with experience in that area.

Clarify quotes

You can never be certain that a quote will remain fixed in place, particularly when dealing with complicated systems, such as heating and plumbing. However, a reputable boiler engineer will make sure they provide you with a clear, detailed quote based on the information you provide.

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Boiler project Average cost
Boiler service £80
Fault code repair £180
Boiler repair £220
Replacement thermostat £140
Replacement boiler £600

How much does a boiler service cost?

Many of us know that feeling all too well; you arrive home on a winter’s day to find your boiler has given up the ghost and your home is even frostier than the outside world. The radiators are ice cold, your showers are freezing and you have no hot water. As if that is not tough enough, you may then be presented with a quote for that inevitable new boiler. Thankfully, regular boiler servicing can help you prevent boiler replacement or costly boiler repair costs. Not only does an annual service reduce the risk of issues developing but for the price of a boiler service, you can also feel confident that your boiler is safe to use.

A professional boiler engineer will carry out a number of standard tests to assess your boiler’s condition and efficiency. Additionally, a reputable tradesperson will be skilled enough to identify any problems with your boiler before they have time to develop so you can prevent any unexpected breakdowns when winter begins to set in. Of course, you will have to consider the average cost of a boiler service but a regular check-up will be significantly less expensive than the average cost to repair a boiler.

Annual boiler service costs may vary based on a number of factors, including the type of boiler you have, any replacement parts you need and whether you require any emergency repairs. In our guide to boiler servicing and repairs, we will provide you with all the information you need on the costs associated with maintaining and fixing your boiler, from a quick annual check to emergency repairs.

Boiler costs guide

Most boiler engineers will work on a fixed price basis for annual boiler services but hourly or daily rates are common for a general boiler check or repair. For the most popular jobs, such as a service, the company you choose will be able to provide an estimate in advance. However, complicated repairs or replacement boilers may require you to arrange a consultation so you can be provided with an accurate quote. Remember, even if your boiler engineer is able to quote in advance, you should always prepare for add-on costs in case an unforeseen repair is required.

How much does a gas boiler service cost per hour?

Most boiler engineers will charge a fixed price for an annual boiler service but it is not unusual for companies to suggest an hourly cost for a first-time service, or a job that may have added costs. On average, boiler engineers have an hourly rate or a minimum call out fee of £80, which is the same as the typical gas boiler service cost. The average oil boiler service cost is similar in price but the average combi boiler service cost is slightly less at £72. If you do not require a service, an hourly rate for diagnostics will cost an average of £40.

How much do boiler engineers charge per day?

If you have repairs that need completing or require diagnostics, your heating engineer may prefer to charge a day rate. In general, boiler companies will only charge a day rate where they know an engineer will need to spend a whole day on the job in question, although in this case it is likely to be the most cost-effective option. A typical day rate for a heating engineer is £300 but this will depend on your location.

What is the average cost to repair a boiler in an emergency?

Unfortunately, even a regularly maintained and serviced boiler may sometimes break down. If you find yourself in need of an emergency boiler engineer it is likely they will charge an emergency call-out fee, particularly if the emergency takes place outside normal working hours. Emergency rates for heating engineers are, on average, £100 per call out.

What is the average boiler service cost near me?

You may be wondering if you should search for a location-specific boiler service estimate or whether the price of a heating engineer is unaffected by location. Typically, boiler companies based in London, and other busy cities and towns, charge more than those in other parts of the country. For instance, hourly rates for a heating engineer in London are £56, whereas an hourly rate in Fife is £37.

Average rates for common heating jobs

While boiler service costs often remain close to the local average, it is not always as easy to estimate the average cost of other common heating jobs based on hourly or day rates. We hope the information below will give you a better idea of what you can expect to pay.

Boiler repair costs

Boiler repair cost does vary based on the issue in question. A boiler that is displaying a fault code could give your engineer a better idea of the problem so the average price for repair will be £180. For a boiler that has completely broken down with no indication of the issue, the cost of dealing with it will be higher, averaging £220. Some problems can also be fixed by simply replacing an old thermostat, which is a cheaper repair option at an average of £140. When pricing a boiler repair, the average cost also changes based on the type of boiler you have. Combi boiler repair costs are often lower than repair costs for conventional boilers as parts are typically easier to come by.

Replacement boiler costs

Replacing a boiler is a common job for heating engineers but it isn’t always straightforward. The cost of replacing your boiler will vary based on your location, the type of heating system currently in place and the type of boiler you want installed. On average, a combi-to-combi boiler installation will cost £1,700. A system-to-system swap will cost an average of £2,000. Moving from a system boiler to a combi boiler will cost slightly more, at an average of £2,500.

Replacement water tank costs

While heating engineers are usually concerned with boilers, they also deal with repairing and replacing water tanks. A hot water tank that leaks may need to be repaired to prevent damage to walls and electrics. The average cost for a hot water tank repair is £140, although the most complex repairs may result in added costs. If your hot water tank needs to be replaced, it will cost an average of £600 to replace it. However, this is the safest - and often the cheapest - option.