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11 October 2023 – 6 Minute Read

Summary of costs for different air conditioning services

3 tips for finding the right air conditioning installer for you

When you want air conditioning installed in your home, it is important to choose an air conditioning company you can trust. There are a range of companies to choose from, all of which offer a similar service. However, it is important to choose a professional and experienced air conditioning provider and installer. Otherwise, there is a risk of subpar workmanship and unprofessionalism. This could impact you financially and increase your levels of stress, as well as leaving you without a functional air conditioning system. Here are 3 things you should do when choosing an air conditioning company.

Reviews and recommendations

With a lot of companies to choose from, it can be difficult to know who the best choice is. This is why you should take a look at reviews and recommendations. You can find reviews online and these will give an indication of who provides a professional, trusted and reputable service. Similarly, you can ask friends and family for recommendations. With this information, you can choose an air conditioning installer you can trust.

Experience and qualifications

It is important to choose a company that boasts relevant qualifications and industry experience. This ensures that they are capable, know what they are doing and can complete the job to a high standard. If they have completed similar projects for other clients and have all the necessary qualifications, there is no reason why they cannot provide a top service.

Come to an agreement

It is important to come to an agreement with the air conditioning company you are working with. This includes coming to a mutual understanding of the work being done, the estimated timeline and the cost. Ensuring you are both on the same page is a good way to avoid problems midway through the job. If you do not feel confident a company can provide the service you need, consider other options.

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Air conditioning service Average cost
Air condition a house £6,000
Install an air conditioning unit £1,000
Air conditioning running cost 14p per hour

What is the average air conditioning installation cost?

There are a number of benefits to having air conditioning installed, whether that is at home or at your place of work. However, you need to consider the costs of doing so. Once air conditioning has been installed, you need to think about the ongoing costs and upkeep. This includes the cost of running the units, regular maintenance and professional repairs should your air conditioning run into any problems.

There are many air conditioning companies to choose from and you will not struggle to find an engineer to install an air conditioning system, but knowing how much to budget is key. It is important to know how much you can expect to pay per unit for installation and how many units you will require in total, as well as how much you should budget to run the units on an ongoing basis. It is difficult to give an exact cost as the price varies based on the type of air conditioning unit and your location. In this guide, we have looked at the averages and with the information given, you can budget for air conditioning accordingly.

Air conditioning costs in the UK

Before going ahead with air conditioning installation, it is important to have a rough idea of how much everything will cost. When you have air conditioning installed, it is not just the cost of the installation that needs to be considered but also the cost of running the units, and repairs should you need them. After all, there is very little point in having air conditioning if you are not going to use it. Luckily, we have found costs for installing and running a range of different types of air conditioning.

How much does an air conditioning unit cost?

The cost of a fixed air conditioning unit is in the region of £1,000 . This includes professional installation and the cost of materials. This price varies depending on your location and the type of unit you have chosen. If you opt for a freestanding air conditioning unit, you should expect to pay around £120. Similarly, window air conditioning units are also considerably cheaper than fixed installations. Generally, these cost around £500 for a mid-range product.

How much does air conditioning cost to run?

It costs about 14p to run an air conditioning unit for 1 hour . This cost varies depending on the type of air conditioning unit and the output. For example, an air conditioning unit with an output of 2.5kW typically costs 10p to run for 1 hour. When the output increases to 5kW, the cost to run per hour also increases to 20p. When you are investing in air conditioning, the output and ongoing cost is something to consider.

How much does it cost to put in air conditioning?

You can expect to pay in the region of £1,000 to have an air conditioning unit installed . This is the cost of installation for 1 unit, which must be completed by a registered gas engineer, and the cost increases depending on how many units you need. If you are having air conditioning installed throughout a house, you can expect to pay upwards of £5,000, depending on the number of rooms.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning in a house?

It costs around £6,000 to install air conditioning in a house . This is based on a standard sized house with 6 rooms and an air conditioning unit installed in each. This price does vary based on the size of the house, your location and the complexity of the installation. For example, a house with fewer rooms will have a cheaper installation cost.

Typical rates for different air conditioning services

We have compiled typical rates for air conditioning to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for installation, maintenance and running costs.

Cost to air condition a house

The cost to air condition a house is two-fold; it involves the cost of having air conditioning installed and the cost of running the units. For an air conditioning unit with a 2kW output, you can expect to pay £1,000 for installation and 8p per hour running cost. This means it will typically cost in the region of 48p to air condition a house per hour , if you choose units with a 2kW output. A higher output will raise the cost.

Average cost to install air conditioning

The cost to install air conditioning is around £1,000 per unit and the majority of homes will require multiple units, usually one per room. If you have a 6 room house, you can expect to pay £6,000 to have air conditioning installed by a registered gas engineer.

Air conditioning maintenance cost

Air conditioning maintenance costs in the region of £75 to service a single unit . This price increases to £120 for a 2 hour emergency repair and £140 for up to 4 hours of scheduled repairs. Though air conditioning units generally operate well without a problem, faults and problems are always a possibility. Therefore, regular servicing and maintenance is recommended.