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Get answers to your FAQs and find out everything you need to know about using Yell Reviews as a business owner. Discover how to make the most of Yell Reviews for your business, how to get more reviews, how to respond to customer feedback and more.


  1. What is Yell Reviews?
  2. How do I get the most out of Yell Reviews for my business?
  3. Should I respond to reviews of my business?
  4. Can I remove a negative review on my listing?
  5. Can I write my own reviews?
  6. How do I encourage my customers to post reviews of my business?
  7. How do I get notified of a new review of my business?
  8. How do I remove a review?
  9. What is a Quick Rate?
  10. Can I opt out of receiving reviews or Quick Rates?
  11. Do you have anything else that can help me to manage my reviews?


What is Yell Reviews?

Yell Reviews is a free platform where our community of users can share feedback of local businesses, restaurants, cafes, shops and more.


Reviews on help our users make informed choices when they are looking to choose a business in the UK. Reviews can often be the deciding factor for choosing your business over your competition. In fact, 72% of UK consumers are more likely to do business with a company after reading a positive review online. Adding reviews to your listing can drive up to 4 times more visits to your online listing. Yell Reviews makes it easy for your business to provide users with up-to-date relevant feedback and take control of your online reputation for free.


For more information on Yell Reviews and a how-to guide to get you started, please download our Ratings & Reviews brochure.


How do I get the most out of Yell Reviews for my business?

Here are few easy steps to take to make sure your business makes the most out of the reviews feature on your business profile page:


  1. Turn on email notifications
    Keep an eye on your online reputation and get informed immediately when a new review or comment is left on your business profile page with our review notifications.
    To turn on these alerts, visit the Reviews tab in your business account, select the Notification Settings, type in your email address, tick box and hit ‘save’.
  2. Request a Review
    Get regular feedback and grow your reviews by inviting your customers to write a review with our Request a Review feature. Find this in the Reviews section of your business account.
  3. Reply to reviews with Business Response
    Respond as the business owner to show your customers and prospective customers that you appreciate all their feedback. To do this, simply reply to each review from your business account. For more information about making the most of Yell Reviews for business owners, check out our Ratings & Reviews brochure for more features and step by step guidance. Or login to your business account to start using our reviews features now.


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Should I respond to reviews of my business? users value responsive businesses very highly. So, we strongly recommend leaving feedback to your reviews. This will help you to show your high customer service standards and other visitors will see you as a responsive business.


It only takes a few minutes to thank a user for their feedback and encourage them to choose your business again. To reply as the business owner, click the ‘Add Response’ button under the review on your business account, or simply add a comment on your profile page when logged in as the business.


When responding to a review, it’s best to keep your comments concise and constructive manner – don’t forget all comments are public. See more tips on replying to reviews in our Responding to Reviews guide.


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Can I remove a negative review on my listing?

Yell encourages all reviews, both positive and negative, to help our users make informed choices. To ensure Yell’s published reviews are genuine and free from bias we therefore only remove negative reviews if they breach our reviews policy or conditions of use. If you feel strongly that a review is inaccurate or breaches this policy, press the ‘Report Review’ button which appears within each review box on


We understand that it can be unpleasant to receive a negative review which you feel is not representative of your business. But at the same time, we recommend that you take time to leave a constructive business response to the review. Leaving feedback from your business will show users how you approach customer service and is a chance to turn a negative review into a positive customer experience.


Online, the best way to deal with negative reviews is to ensure that they are outweighed by positive feedback. Encourage your customers to leave a review of your business on by using our ‘Request a Review’ feature. Access this feature in your business account.


For more information in handling negative reviews, view our guide to managing negative reviews.


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Can I write my own reviews?

As a business owner, you are welcome to write reviews of any other companies or venues that you have genuinely used or visited. However, you are not allowed to misrepresent yourself as a consumer, review your own business services, or post any reviews that might be viewed as competitor activity.


Any reviews found to be fake, inaccurate or inappropriate about a business or its competitors will be removed and accounts connected to them can be deleted at Yell’s discretion.


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How do I encourage my customers to post reviews of my business?

The best way to encourage your customers to leave a review for your business on is through our Request a Review feature, which lets you customise an email to your customers and track whether it resulted in a review. Access this feature in the Reviews section of business account.


Find out more in our guide to growing your reviews.


Please note that for reviews to get published, your customers will need to create an account on or login with Facebook or Google. We will not send any irrelevant emails to them and they can manage their email preferences at any time.


To promote your Yell Reviews offline, request a batch of our ‘Review us on’ stickers, which you can attach to your shop window, van, restaurant door or more. To order your free stickers, please call your sales contact or our customer support team on 0800 555 444.


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How do I get notified of a new review of my business?

Make sure to opt-in to review notifications in your business account to receive an email alert every time a review or comment is posted to your listing. You can change your notification email address at any time.


You can turn on these alerts, in the Reviews tab of your business account.


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How do I remove a review?

If you believe a review or comment on is inappropriate, or violates Yell’s Reviews Policy, click on the ‘Report review’ link next to it. Our support team will evaluate the content against our guidelines and email you with a notification of the outcome. Alternatively, you can contact customer services on 0800 555 444 or through our online form.


All complaints regarding reviews are handled on a case by case basis. Read Yell’s Conditions of Use to find out when we may decide to remove a review.


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What is a Quick Rate?

Quick Rate is a simple way to review a business where a user can give an honest star rating to a business, without leaving a detailed text comment. This also allows businesses to quickly collect more customer feedback.


Currently it is available only to our iOS and Android app users and for some business classifications on mobile, but we are working to make the feature available to all listings.


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Can I opt out of receiving reviews or Quick Rates?

If you feel strongly that Yell Reviews is not helpful for your business, the final option you may wish to consider is to disable the review facility completely. We would suggest you only use this facility only as a last resort as having a lot of ratings helps your listing to stand out from the competition. Yell Reviews are a great way of obtaining customer feedback and attracting more business through positive word of mouth.


Don’t forget that if you do choose to suppress Yell Reviews, all comments displayed against your listing will be hidden. New users will not be allowed to review your business whilst the feature is disabled. We can re-activate the review feature for your listing at a later date.


You can also choose to opt out of the Quick Rates functionality on your listing without disabling the reviews feature.


To suppress reviews, or quick rates on your business profile page, please contact our support team through our online form.


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Do you have anything else that can help me to manage my reviews?


Of course! Our Ratings & Reviews brochure is full of more tips and features as well as a how-to guide to using Yell Reviews for business owners. Download the brochure here.


Last Updated: 30 Apr 2018