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Does your home need a fresh lick of paint? Whether you’re starting a larger redecorating project or tidying up scuffs and marks, you’ll need help from reliable painters and decorators. If you’re struggling with tracking down the best painters and decorators near you, Yell is here to help.

Here, you can access up-to-date business profiles and customer reviews, while contacting your favourite businesses takes just a few seconds. Hiring painters and decorators is easy – simply start by browsing the top professionals in your area, or post an enquiry and let the experts reach out to you.

When should I hire painters and decorators?

1. Interior decorating

If you want to enhance your home’s interior visual appeal, painters and decorators can help. Painters will refresh rooms with your chosen colours, while decorators will integrate decorative elements and furnishings for a cohesive, attractive final outcome.

2. Exterior decorating

Unhappy with your home’s curb appeal? Painters and decorators can overhaul its external appearance for improved results. Painters can work on walls, trims, and sidings by applying weather-resistant coatings that drastically upgrade your home’s appearance.

3. Renovation projects

If you’re planning a larger renovation project, both painters and decorators will play crucial roles, possibly alongside an interior designer. Painters will rejuvenate the colours on your walls and ceilings, while the decorators integrate other design elements and finishes.

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I would like one wall papered with feature wallpaper. The wall includes a radiator and window, but it’s clean and in a new build house.

Enquiry from Gill, Shrewsbury

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What are the most popular painter and decorator services?


Interior painting

Professional painters and decorators can improve your property’s indoor spaces with interior painting services.

They can apply paint to walls, ceilings, doors, window frames, and a range of other fittings and surfaces.

In general, interior painting services include both surface preparation – like cleaning and priming – and painting.


Exterior painting

Focusing on outdoor surfaces, like walls, sidings, and doors, exterior painting services can overhaul your property’s style.

Professionals also use weather-resistant paints and coatings to protect your property against the elements.

In this way, you’ll get a finish that enhances your curb appeal while making your property more resilient.


Custom murals and artwork

In some cases, painters with more refined artistic skills offer custom mural and artwork services.

This lets you personalise your home with unique, visually stunning designs – and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

As a more time-consuming and niche service, you should expect to pay a higher price for these additions.



If you want to add texture, patterns, or more personality to a room, wallpaper might just be the right call.

Decorators routinely handle wallpapering, including the preparation of the walls and precise application of wallpaper.

These decorators can also remove wallpaper if you want a change – a process you might not want to handle yourself.


Decorative finishes

Decorators can add to your property with finishes and other decorative elements in both the interior and exterior.

External mouldings and trims are popular while, internally, they can add stencilling, wood grains, and so much more.

These additions can take a plain, uninspiring aesthetic and turn it upside down, introducing vibrance and style.


Coving installation

If you’re interested in bringing some style to your room – or hiding imperfections – coving or cornices can help.

These both add a neatness to rooms, and make cleaning the space where walls meet the ceiling much easier.

To get a visually pleasing outcome, you’ll need a decorator with a steady hand and an eye for detail.

How to find the best painters and decorators near me

The first step to redecorating your home is locating the top painters and decorators in your area. Here’s what you need to consider before hiring anyone.


Ask for detailed cost estimates that bear the scope of work, required materials, and necessary labour in mind – plus any additional charges. With several quotes from your preferred painters and decorators, you’re in a much better hiring position, and less likely to run into problems later on.


You’ll find hiring a leading painter or decorator easier if you browse customer reviews and testimonials. Check their Yell profile for recent reviews, focusing on feedback that relates to your request. If services don’t have any reviews listed, you can always ask for references as an alternative.


Some people want basic painting and decorating services, like simple, painted walls. Others have niche requests, like murals and decorative finishes. In both cases, you can ask painters and decorators about their experience in these areas, with photographic proof serving as evidence of their skills.


When you hire painters and decorators, you do so expecting a certain quality of outcome. For that reason, it’s good to ask businesses whether they offer any guarantees or warranties on their work. They should absolutely be willing to address issues that could arise following the work’s completion.

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Looking for a painter decorator to paint two external doors (front and back), the surrounds, and the footplate. Needs to be completed by the end of the month at the latest, does anyone have availability to quote and complete the work in this timeframe?

Enquiry from Janine, Farnham

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