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Looking for local hairdressers and barbers?

If your hair needs a trim or you’re seeking hair styling help for an upcoming event, you’ll need access to the best hairdressers near you. At Yell, we help you pick through the abundance of options by giving you easy access to business profiles, customer reviews, and quick contact with local hair salons and mobile hairdressers.

For a hairdresser who can keep your locks stylish and healthy, either compare your nearby options or post an enquiry to hear from local professionals. Both options are quick, easy, and free.

Which type of hairdresser do I need?

1. Salon hairdressers

Delivering a variety of haircuts, colourings, and treatments, hairdressers are essential for keeping your tresses healthy and stylish. Some salons only provide women’s or men’s hairdressing services, while children’s hairdressers focus solely on cuts and treatments for kids.

2. Mobile hairdressers

Like hairdressers working in salons, mobile hairdressers can cut, colour, style, and treat hair for both improved appearance and health. The major difference is that mobile hairdressers will cut your hair at home – or any other location you have in mind – which is hugely convenient.

3. Barbers

Unlike hairdressers, barbers are mainly concerned with men’s hair care, including haircuts, beard grooming, and facial hair treatments. If you want a trendy men’s haircut from a skilled professional, visiting your local barber is the way to go.

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My mum is totally housebound and her previous mobile hairdresser has moved out of the area, so she needs a new mobile hairdresser who can visit once a month.

Enquiry from Rhianne, Oldham

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What are the most popular hairdressing services?


Regular haircuts and trims

Most people visit hairdressers to get their hair cut and styled regularly. This keeps you looking neat and tidy.

Simple trims should happen fairly often – every week to every few months depending on the hair type and style.

More significant changes in your chosen style are probably going to happen less frequently than that.


Hair colouring

Want to change your hair colour? Hairdressers and stylists can help with professional colouring treatments.

You'll choose from permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dyes to fit your budget and circumstances.

You can lean on your hairdresser to find hair colouring treatments that work with your natural hair colour and type.


Hair styling

You might be looking for a change in style without cutting your hair, which is something hair stylists can help with.

They can give you a fresh look, and do so using hairstyling treatments and equipment that protect your hair’s condition.

If you're making a drastic change to your look, it's especially important to find a hairstylist you can trust.


Afro hairdressing

Afro hairdressers cut, style, and care for afro-textured hair – which has curl textures and patterns.

Boasting specialist knowledge in the handling of afro-textured hair, these professionals are highly sought after.

Afro hairdressing services understand the hair’s unique needs when other hairdressers might not.


Wedding hair

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to get a fancy cut and style. For that reason, you'll need a wedding hair stylist.

Wedding hair stylists create beautiful, customised hairstyles for brides and bridal parties on the wedding day.

To make sure you love your wedding hair, you should always schedule trial sessions before the big day, too.


Children's haircuts

Some hairdressers specialise in giving haircuts to children, with a focus on kids who dislike having their hair cut.

These salons create fun environments with custom furniture, entertainment, and snacks for less stressful haircuts.

If your children worry about having their hair cut, taking them to a children's hair salon is always a good choice.

How to find the best hairdressers near me

If it’s time for a haircut but you’re not sure where to begin, take a moment to read these tips for finding the best local hairdressers, mobile hairdressers, and barbers.

Mobile or salon

Before looking at any businesses, think about what you need. If you’re booking haircuts for an elderly relative or someone with limited mobility, mobile hairdressers are ideal. And while local hairdressers can handle most cuts, some hair types need specialists.


You should always assess a hairdresser’s experience before booking an appointment. Ask about how long they’ve worked and their relevant qualifications, while you can also check their social media accounts for photos of haircuts they’ve provided for other customers.


Reviews give you an insight into a professional’s hairdressing skills, relevant experience, and general manner. Check their suitability by looking for relevant details – if you need someone to cut your child’s hair, find reviews that detail how they handle kids.


You should always have a clear idea of what you’re going to pay before committing to a hairdresser. There’s the basic cost of a haircut to consider, but if you want hair colouring or additional treatments, you’ll need to ask about those costs beforehand too.

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I’m looking for a mobile afro hairdresser based in Eltham or the nearby area who can help relax my hair and braid my hair with extensions. I’ll give priority to mobile hairdressers who can visit my home on evenings or weekends.

Enquiry from Hope, Eltham

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