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Highly recommended tree service company based in Wolverhampton. WV Tree Surgeons have a wealth of industry knowledge and provide and excellent service to their customers.

WV Tree Surgeons are based in the heart of Wolverhampton, we offer a range of high quality tree and stump removal services for domestic and commercial customers. We come highly recommended and have been in business for over 15 years.

What might be the motivation behind someone wanting to chop down a shrub or hedge? The most probable explanation is that the trees are old or sick, which poses a risk of falling over or spreading the illness to other trees.

They aren't the only two reasons. Tree surgeons, also known as arborists, are highly trained professionals who learn how to diagnose and treat tree illnesses and trim, prune, and cut down healthy and sick trees and plants.

The cost of removing trees may be affected by various variables, some of which we will review. But first, let's look at the prices of tree surgeons, and then we'll discuss how to get a tree surgeon.

The fees that an arborist in the UK may charge can range anywhere from around £500 to over £3000, including VAT. Yes, this covers a broad spectrum, and unfortunately, it will not be very useful right now. But when you take into consideration the fact that the job vacancies range from removing an ornamental coppice tree or pruning an apple orchard in your vegetable patch to removing a killed oak tree that is hundreds of years old and threatens to destroy a church that is over a thousand years old, you might be able to appreciate the range of the work.

The Cost of Tree Surgery

The overall cost of tree cutting might fluctuate widely depending on the nature of the work and the equipment required to carry it out successfully. The following chart provides an overview of the different expenses; nevertheless, it is important to remember that tree surgeons often charge a minimal total amount to cover their overhead costs. Therefore, the fee for a task normally costing £200 will be increased to £400.


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