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SALTWORKS - Northern Ireland's ONLY specialist Winter Maintenance company. Don't leave your Winter Risk Management to amateurs, talk to the people who can best protect you.

MET Office trained & linked.

Northern Ireland's ONLY specialist winter maintenance company are happy to offer their expert services to all types of organisations.

Our professional equipment is deployed throughout the Province, operated by the experts in snow ploughing & salting of car parks for businesses of all sizes, councils, shopping centres, private residential estates, schools etc.

Saltworks have their own stock of white de-icing salt, are MET office linked & use the best equipment on the market. With experience in providing snow ploughing and salting services in USA, Canada & Northern Ireland we are best set for helping our clients through the worst winter weather.

All Saltworks vehicles are satellite tracked to help our clients combat fraudulent personal injury claims & to allow our clients speedy access to the closest snow plough/salter.

Our fleet is fully equipped, insured and inspected to provide clients with a professional, transparent service with no hidden costs..


Northern Ireland's only specialist Winter Maintenance company - Belfast fleet. You wouldn't go to a builder for dental work would you? With depots throughout the Province and our own stocks of salt, talk to the experts.
No matter how severe the winter weather, Saltworks clients know that the experts are there to assist.
All of our vehicles have the best snow plooughs fitted as well as salting hoppers. This means that we can snow plough client car parks and immediatly salt them to prevent further snow falls accumulating.
Professional equipment operated by experts to help our clients deal with adverse winter weather.
Use Ecotraction to give you instant traction to drive away safely. If you use Ecotraction on your driveway, it can be swept up and reused once the ice and snow melt. Everyone should carry a bag of Ecotraction
Salt takes times and traffic to act on ice and snow, what do you do in the meantime? Use Ecotraction to give you instant traction on ice and snow, best of all the product is reusable.
Using the best equipment available, expert operatives and MET Office forecasting, call in the professionals to look after your winter maintenance needs.

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