Woodbank Nurseries & Garden Centre

Woodbank Harden Rd, Harden, Bingley, BD16 1BE Directions

Business overview

The biggest & best... for all your gardening & aquarium needs!

We have a wide variety of pets & products at Woodbank nurseries.The sound of running water brings a tranquillity to your visit to our aquatics and pet centre!

Our range includes many fish, rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters!

It’s a great place of entertainment for the kids, especially with our resident

parrot Elvis!

As you would expect we stock all the big names: Hozelock, Bermuda, Nishiko, Lotus, Interpet, Reef One, Ancol, Tetra, Greedy Fish and Fluva.


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Products & Services


fish tanks

koi carp

fish food


pond plants

tropical fish

water gardens

cold water fish

water pumps

pond liners



guinea pigs

pet food


Happy birthday Elvis

I Took the grandchildren in for the birthday of Elvis. And they loved it, so many things to do. A big thank you to the woman on the course she was a huge help and interactive with the kids which was amazing , just all round wonderful. Thank you to everyone at Woodbank for an amazing day.
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The Wonderland on the Wilsden Road

Play the vast number of penny slot machines, browse the small animal and aquarium fish areas , eat and drink in the delightful cafe then buy what you really came for plus other items you couldn't resist. its a wonderful half day outing. Oh the service is first class.
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Dont go if disabled rude staff

Well what a disgusting attitude caz has. My poor mother aged 60 as copd and caz was very rude and demanding proof sorry but doctors dont give you proof to carry round and on the government site says you need to show proof either this caz has just gone against the law to the disabled am disappointed as bring her here every year shame a young girl dont know the rules and is rude to
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This Garden Center is outstanding.
If you want a rodent, show them a pic of what you would like them they try their best to get that rodent for you. ����������.

I got two Guinea-Pigs the other day. They are from WoodBank Nurseries. One of my Guinea-Pigs has a softer fur. The other has more of a funky fur. They are marvellous.
24 Apr 2016
That's my review. I love my Guinea-Pigs.
24 Apr 2016
I got it for my birthday. I got them about 2 weeks ago. They was 1 months old then. I love them so much. The staff here are fabulous. They are very helpful. Someone told my family and I, that 'Pets At Home' Hamsters are rubbish. They said to come here.
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Awful experience & Bully of a Manager

After many, many years of attending practically every event here, sending lots of helpful customer experiences and ideas to the message box and wall etc, I was recently disgusted by the Manager's treatment of me in front of my small child. I put a giant white feather boa around my neck in a harmless playful manner, when I lifted it from the stand, some bits fell off it (as feathery things do). When I removed it from around my neck after briefly trying to bring a little magic to my 2 year old and incite her enthusiasm in Christmas after a difficult time, a few tiny bits naturally also fell off. The boxes were still being unloaded and there was absolutely loads of glitter and 'bits' on the floor where they fell. Then the Manager came over from the side of where a female worker with a hoover stood a few meters away and I was shouted at in an aggressive manner. I said "I am so sorry. I didn't mean any harm." He continued to shout and point his finger in my face. I said "As I said, I am sorry but I do not appreciate you speaking to me like this, so stop." He got worse in shouting, getting "in my face" and in front of all the customers in reception, continued to be horrible. I stood my ground and I do not regret this. I am appalled that a manager can behave in such a way when a male worker in the section before actively encouraged me to go back and try some 3d glasses that he had seen that I had not seen - he should be the Manager. I am also concerned that all the staff witnessed the behaviour of this man and everyone was silenced because of his 'position'. I would hate to see what this Manager did if a child had a tantrum and actually broke something on purpose in fury, or someone knocked a stand over by accident. If I wasn't so genuinely concerned about what might happen next in this garden centre I would have been more likely to keep quiet. I am not sure your website descriptions match what you provide...! "We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service" & "We like to see ourselves not as strangers but more as friends you haven’t met yet! Put us to the test! Contact any of our friendly staff and say hello!" & "At Woodbank Nurseries and Garden Centre we are delighted to share our love for the Christmas season by bringing you a magical shopping experience." Utterly disappointed.
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