Witham's Cave of Curiosities

As a family we embrace Wiccan spirituality.

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Business overview

As a family we produce many different items for sale using many different types of crafts. One of the most exciting items that we produce are products using crystals. Since time began crystals have been used in medicines, charms and jewellery due to their healing properties and as a family we can personally testify to the benefits of wearing them.

As it’s all but impossible to list these items in any kind of order (even we don’t know what we’ll be making next!) we decided to call our online Shop “Witham’s Cave Of Curiosities”. Our online Shop has just launched.


Just a sample of the goods we make
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Products & Services


Gift Deliveries


Personalised Gifts

Healing Jewellery



Garden Ornaments

Toilet Roll Holders


Natalie, Neil, Tia and Ava

Natalie and Neil are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and along with their two delightful young girls, Tia and Ava, they make a vast range of unusual gifts and products that you won’t find on the High Street.
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