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London naturopath, nutritional therapist & functional medicine practitioner. Helping people to make effective changes in their diet and lifestyle for optimal health.

Nutritional therapy, naturopathy and functional medicine in London.

I work with diet, lifestyle, functional lab testing and dietary supplements to optimise your health.

I now specialise in gastrointestinal health and fatigue, with additional foci on nervous and endocrine health, pregnancy and fertility, methylation biochemistry and nutrigenetics.

Coming from a naturopathic/functional medicine background I am fascinated by how the various systems we have compartmentalised the body into are all interconnected in countless ways. Thus although gastrointestinal health and fatigue are my speciality, I investigate driving factors of disease such as hormonal imbalances, toxicity, inflammation, stress, nervous system health, sleep imbalances, underlying infections, nutrient imbalances, food sensitivities, biochemistry and our genetic predisposition to biochemical imbalances.

For example it is now known that the communication between the gut and the brain is bidirectional such that inflammation in the gut can cause inflammation in the brain and vice versa. Thus conditions such as depression, ‘brain fog’, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease may have their cause in gut imbalances even when there are no overt gastrointestinal symptoms. Conversely digestive issues may have their roots in inflammatory conditions affecting the brain, such as physical trauma to the head, emotional trauma, glycemic stress (from excessive carbohydrate intake), neurotoxicity and depression.

I passionately believe that the vast majority of us could be living a life of abundant health, joy and energy.


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Products & Services

Anxiety Management

Blood Tests

Diabetes Clinic

DNA Testing

Environmental Health

Health Screening


Skin Conditions

Sleep Problems

Stress Management



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Digestive disorders

Lab testing


Thyroid imbalances

Hormonal imbalances


Cognitive function



Food intolerances



Fatty Liver

Weight loss




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