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I don't do what I can. I do what it takes.

Will Davies has over 30 years experience in dog behavior and training.

Will's natural ability to read dogs and their behaviour whilst repairing their otherwise unacceptable misbehaviour is evident often after a very short time upon meeting your dog.His approach of calm calm puts the dog at ease enabling him to get to the bottom and not so obvious root of their problem.

Having found the right receptive and tractable frame of mind,Will sets about building a rapport with your dog and yourselves in order for you to control him or her consequently enabling you to enjoy them to the full.Wills success stories have traveled far and wide with job satisfaction enjoyed by dogs and their owners alike.


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Products & Services

Dog Training

Dangerous Dog Training

Advanced Dog Training

Problem Prevention & Solving

Basic Obedience

Early Puppy Training

Household Rules

Walking On & Off The Lead

Command Training

Unstable Dog Training


A professional

Will , professional, friendly and kind approach both to me and my rescue dog. Instruction and encouragement gave us confidence to work together. To me a legend, I was so worried but are now seeing good results can’t Thankyou enough Will . KD.
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Best Decison we made!

We had our first session with Will today, and it was worth the wait. For the past couple of months I've dreaded taking our 1 year old German Shepard cross Akita out for walks, its not been a pleasurable experience for myself or for her either. But within the first 10 minutes of our session Will had her on the same page and she went from strength to strength. By the end of our session I had her walking nicely alongside me, and for the first time in months enjoyed being out with her on the lead. Wills given me the tools to continue to make progress with her up until our next session, which I'm really looking forward to!
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Professional, knowledgeable & authentic

Will Davies is a true, country gentleman who understands the needs of dogs and how to get the best out of our dogs. He is decisive, intuitive, funny and extremely knowledgeable and has given us the best advice around building confidence in our insecure dog, who has responded brilliantly to Will’s advice. He also supported us during a difficult and stressful time when our GSD was experiencing some health issues ( in addition to the vet), making extra trips to visit our GSD and offer support. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
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Dog master

Need help with your dog? Look no further... i was at my ends whits with my GSD. She had been through multiple trainers and boarding school but she would always resort back to her old ways no matter the time, effort and consistency! Then i found Will Davies. This man (God) made more progress with my dog Phoebe in one session than me or any other “trainer” ever did. I honestly can not recommend anyone other than Will. Trust me when i say, he bloody goes the extra mile and more! My last experience with Will (God) i called him up with an emergency... my Dog was showing a high amount of aggression to my Disabled brother, it got so bad i had to rugby tackle my own dog to the ground to save my brother a couple times. I honestly had no idea what to do. Will didn’t even hesitate, He came straight to my house (on his day off as well) and asserted the situation straight away and did not leave till his job was done. My brother and Dog now sit right next to each other without any worries. Will 👊🏼
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There is only one person you need to call!

I just can’t thank Will enough for all the that he has done, he’s very professional, very thorough and will change your dogs life. In fact he changed our whole family’s life for the better.
If you ever need to get problems sorted with your dog! there is only one person you need to call.

Going out with Will is mind blowing the wealth of knowledge and how he can control our dog after such a short time, does make you wonder it’s not the dog who needs sorting it’s the owners.

Our dog was a sheep and horse worrier!! But as the time has gone on she has improved impeccably, walks together now are a joy rather than a chore. Our walks together have brought us closer together and more connected, now I’m in charge, but she still has the fun and freedom she needs.

We tried cheaper trainers/classes in the past but we got what we paid for. Yet I feel Will should charge more for his service as he gets results!!! Our whole family are entirely great full to Will.
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