West One Bathrooms Ltd

45-46 South Audley St, London, W1K 2PY Directions

Tel 020 7499 1845
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Business overview

West One Bathrooms stock a wide range of bathroom related accessories as well as a selection of sinks and baths.


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Worst Experience - Customer Service was Appalling

We had simply the worst experience working with West One Bathrooms in Mayfair (South Audley Street). We had worked with CP Hart in the past for other bathrooms, which is also a very luxurious shop, but thought that going to the most expensive Mayfair showroom of West One would somehow give us the finest master bathroom in our showcase home. We were sorely mistaken. We spent £45,000 on the fittings, tiles, porcelain ware etc... (the building work was separate and our builder was amazing, correcting West One's errors where he could and working 2 months after he originally finished because West One's orders were mistimed or remained undelivered). For the amount we paid, we had late deliveries (late deliveries means 2 months and still waiting in one case), building work scheduled with confirmed parts from West One that then never arrived, excuses ranging from "I needed personal time" to "You don't know how hard this has been" (which is not only unprofessional but ridiculous as project management is what you pay West One their markup for). Not only did they manage their job badly (project management, orders) but they also treated us terribly. For example, we ordered 4 sconces from them and received 3 that were in good shape and 1 that was broken and the wrong colour. We asked for a replacement (keep in mind what we had already paid them, we are not bad clients!) and were told we had to pay for the new sconce upfront and they would then take stock of the broken one to determine if we merited a refund for the broken product (naturally we did merit a refund and it was paid but to have to pay for their error upfront was an insult!). Another thing that was terrible was that a great percentage of our emails went unanswered. Of course once we realized that we were not getting a level of service above what we could have expected if we had ordered the products ourselves online (wholesale price), we tried to stay on top of missing items, missed delivery dates and general bad customer service from the South Audley Street team. One email I had to send had this as its title: "5th email and 6th day without a response: Internal make-up drawer layout." That is ALMOST as bad as it got...but not quite. We had a fitting for a vanity top before which day West One was to have sent 2 mirror to our house to be fitted by the company that made the vanity top. On that day, the fitter came and we had no mirrors for him to install. I called West One and was first told "well I had to take some personal days" as if that in any way should have prevented my order from being delivered on time. When asked for my mirror order to now be prioritised to find out what was going on, I was told that it would be taken care of. I called back and the representative in charge of my account was with new clients instead. I then asked him why he was sitting with new clients when a fitter was in my house waiting on their (yet again) missed delivery and was told (and this is a direct quote): "I don't need to explain anything to you!" (I asked him to confirm this as a quote and he did) and then he hung up on me when I asked if the order for the mirrors had been placed and could I have the order number. Keep in mind, we are the customers. I never used a single bad word with this person and only raised my voice when he started to abuse me on the phone to warn him of his professional conduct requirements. Obviously, we will be going to CP Hart in the future and I would recommend anyone else to do the same. The bathr
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