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Sculpture your body into your desired look: 'The fitter you are, the more you can do' =The more you can do! "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Making a Positive Impact

Warhorse Training; Is all about free motivation, inspiration and information to keep you moving forward. With 32 level 3 qualifications in fitness and other subjects, helping you to become a better version of yourself.

Free Videos on YouTube, Pictures, Meme's and Stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Selling clothing to remind you to 'Push Yourself Into Fitness And Take The Next Challenge'

We are primarily a clothing company. That provides the best training T-shirts (voted by you) with a high quality screen printed logo.

I am a qualified personal trainer, kickboxing and fitness instructor. Along side this I am a masseuse.


I have a solution to your problems!!

Great quality, affordable, fitness clothing with a fresh new look.


-Watch this space

We can also provide intense training programs based on your specific needs to achieve your desired look and personalised tailor fitted Dietary/Eating plans.

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness, and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the amount of fun and levels of energy you will experience will far exceed the discomfort.


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Martial Arts & Flexibility
From £30 per booking
Personal Training
From £30 per booking
Diet/Eating Plans
From £30 per person
Training Plans
From £30 per person
Circuit Training (all)
From £30 per person
Group Fitness (6people prices)
From £15 per person
Muscle Building Programs
From £30 per person
Hairdressing (Creative Stylist)
From £30 per person
Gents Cuts
From £15 per person
Indian Head Massage (25mins)
From £40 per booking
Reflexology Massage (30mins)
From £40 per booking
Swedish Body Massage (1hr 30)
From £60 per booking
Partial Massage (40mins)
From £30 per booking
From £15 per item

Products & Services

Athletics Training

Body Toning

Body Building


Boxing Lessons

Cardiovascular Training

Children's Gym Parties

Circuit Training

Core Training

Fitness Instructors

Fitness Training



Martial Arts

Private Gyms

Power Plates

Sports Coaching

Thai Boxing

Weight Training

Sports Massage

Tai Chi

Indian head massage

Reflexology Massage

Swedish Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Personal Training

HITT & LISS Training

Strong Man Training

Unconventional Training

Rope Training



Shotokan Karate

Focus Pads

Postural training

Flexibility and mobility

Olympic Lifting

Tire Flips & Keg Workouts



  • National Register of Personal Trainers
  • The Register of Exercise Professionals


  • Applied Health and Exercise, BSc (College Level)
  • Applied Sports Coaching Exercise, Fdn (College Level)
  • First Aid at Work, Level 3 Award (First Aid Awards Ltd)
  • Activity First Aid, Level 2 Award (First Aid Awards Ltd)
  • Physical Education, Entry Level Certificate (AQA Education)
  • Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being Operational Services, Level 2 NVQ Certificate (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Clinical Sports Massage, BTEC Level 5 (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Advanced Exercise, Health and Fitness Instruction (Future Fit Training), Level 3 Diploma (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Activity Leadership, Level 2 NVQ Certificate (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Fitness Instructing, Level 2 Certificate (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Exercise Referral, Level 3 Diploma (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning, Level 3 Award (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace, Level 3 Award (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Increasing Participation in Sport and Active Leisure in Community Settings, Level 3 Diploma (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Instructing Exercise and Fitness, Level 2 NVQ Diploma (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Personal Training, Level 3 NVQ Diploma (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Sport, Level 3 Award (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Sport and Active Leisure, Level 1 NVQ Award (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Sport and Recreation Management, Level 4 Higher Professional Diploma (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Leisure Management, Level 3 Certificate (City and Guilds of London Institute)
  • Facial Massage, Certificate (Total Therapy Training)
  • Indian Head Massage, Certificate (Total Therapy Training)
  • Sports Massage Therapist, Level 3 (YMCA)
  • Indian Head Massage, Certificate (Gateway Workshops)
  • Personal Training and Business Skills for Fitness Professionals, Level 3 Diploma (Active IQ)


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