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The Site belong to TheUS who sold it to the Bobov Community leaving our community with out its historical site. however we have opened up small branches to cater for its members

Our New Website: WWW.VCC.ORG.UK

Rabbi Maxi Goldstein & Reverend Efrayim Goldstein have been members of the community since 1990 Rabbi Maxi Goldstein was nominated in 1998 to run its Services and leadership. over 2000 members are registered with the community. The Site belong to The United Synagogue who have sold it in recent years to the Bobov Community leaving our community with out its historical site. however we have opened up small branches to cater for its members .

The community compile of large families and senior members, We are here for you when its a Simcha, or at hardship times. we will always do what is in our powers to comfort you and give you guidance.

We are here to promote the Jewish Religion for the Jewish Community, WE have daily Services at our new Centres, each evening Mincha followed by Mariv , Shabbos night Service followed by a meal and Shabbos day service followed by a meaty Kiddush. You need to book in advance for our Shabbos Service. Contact the Rabbi Office or email us in one week in advance.

We as well have Rosh Hashuna & Yom Kipper trips to Israel & Hungary where we will pray where our forefathers prayed.

Our Latest Centres are Bais Usher on Fairholt Rd N16 5HW and Breslov St Andrews Grove N16

Its Free to become a member of our Community Centre, we do require minimum criteria to join.

Your mother MOST be Jewish, you follow the Laws of the Country & follow the Laws of the Torah, which is simplified in the Shilchan Aruch.

We do not judge on colour, identity or cloth wearing. All Welcome!


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The Shabbos Kiddush and the family who lead the community

Away from home but feel at home, Rabbi Max is very inspiring and has always guided me with the way a Jewish Life is run and always has a good word to share. Rev Efrayim Goldstein is always ready to help if its for charity or in business , great advice, Mrs Rose is always on hand for us and other community members for any services needed! Shabbos Kiddush at Reb Maxi is just tops!
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The place to feel wanted and welcome

The Goldstein Family are a true Lovely caring family who lead the Community with great care and compassion, we love spending time by you.

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