UK Expert Pizza & Grill

851 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 1AR Directions


CRAP! 0 Stars if I could!

Absolute crap is what i'd say. I live literally 10 minutes away from this crappy place and they took 2 whole hours to deliver the food - once delivered surprise, surprise MOST of the order is missing. Called the place and the guy is acting like he's doing me a favour? I paid for this damn food, blimmin' idiot. Asked if we could have a refund and take your shitty food back he says no it will arrive in.. ANOTHER HOUR. When we got a bit annoyed at him, he said 30-35 minutes. DONT GO HERE, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND SPARE YOUR TASTE BUDS. Disgusting customer service. Really angry to have wasted money on this place. 3 hours for a few burgers and chips and they couldnt even get that right.
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