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Iratated resident

Many residents in the uk have some miner annoyances with there landlords/landlord agencies. With this said very few could beat trivallis in lazyness and incompetence.
On many occasions will renting one of there property's i come to expect as they call 'miner inconveniences' such as a bilding wide fire alarm for a block of flats that was set off taking over 2hour for and engineers to be sent to restart the system that on arive was not train on the system installed. This incident was started around 8pm finaly resloved after many calls from residents around 11:30pm. (side not to this trivallis where also awaire that there was a 4 year old child outside in the cold and rain during this incident)
A short note on there customer service. Not worth waisting your breath. They will alway send you to a different company if you have any problems even if they are no longer connected by trivallis
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