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Business overview

Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions can help you with whatever issue, problem or area of performance you want to improve in your life. Free initial phone consultation up to 30 mins

Here at Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions I offer a one to one hypnotherapy service across Cornwall & Devon helping people overcome difficult challenges in their lives such as fears,phobias, pain management,panic attacks, anxiety,lack of confidence,stammering and other conditions using clinical hypnosis or emotional freedom therapy techniques.

Over the last 9 years My methods have helped people lose weight & quit smoking,overcome fears of open spaces,enclosed spaces , heights,flying,driving on motorways & dual carriageways.

My skills have been used to help people improve self confidence, motivation & used to develop and improve skills such as sporting performance & creative skills that have sometimes been laying dormant for years.

I have numerous excellent testimonials on my website from very satisfied clients.I am diploma qualified & a BWRT certified practitioner & also a General Hypnotherapy Standards Council,Validated practitioner. I am also a member of the GHR, CRSST & CNH


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Call & find out about this revolutionary new therapy that is really making waves.I am one of just a handful of therapists in the west country with this certification. BWRT is so flexible as it is completely content free & lends itself very well to sessions over Skype, so wherever you are I can help
Brain working recursive therapy available in Cornwall and Devon now.

Products & Services


Phobia Treatments

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Quitting Smoking


Self Esteem Counselling



Anxiety Management

Skin Conditions



Testimonial from A Smith. Cornwall.

Here is another testimonial from another successfull treatment.
This is posted with the full consent of A Smith

I am happy to say the treatments I have had from Trevor have worked so well for me.
In 2010 I had treatment from Trevor for nightmares, which I had several times a week for over 25 years. I was and still am,amazed that after just one treatment I have not had a single nightmare since!
I have also been having ongoing relaxation and pain relief treatments for Fibromyalgia and Fibromyalgia associated conditions such a insomnia. Since starting these treatments with Trevor, I have been able to cut my intake of painkillers by half and cut out sleeping tablets completely. It is such a relief to be able to get into bed at night knowing that I will be able to get to sleep and will not be awake most of the night and like a zombie during the day time!

I am happy to give a 5 star rating
A Smith. Cornwall
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Customer Testimonial

Here is copy of a testimonial that can be found on my website, given with a five star endorsement from my client Mr.G.M. of St Austell in 2011.
Since childhood I'd had a fear of feeling trapped or confined. It wasn't quite claustrophobia as it could also happen outdoors in a crowd or even queues.
Until recently I'd managed the problem by avoiding situations like travelling on the back seat of two door cars or being in busy rooms with several people between me and the door.
This strategy worked well until recently being invited to visit my relatives in New Zealand. Flying has never bothered me but the thought of being locked in that cabin did.
A friend suggested hypnotherapy and recommended Trevor. After the first session I could feel a noticeable improvement. Now after the third session the problem has gone and seems is no more than a memory of a past life.
I wish I'd done this years ago. I'm well known for being very critical about anything that's new to me and being a hard man to convince. However having experienced such a clear and positive improvement in such a short time I am very impressed. Its feels like I've been set free at last.
My thanks to Trevor Wales.

Mr.G. M.
St Austell.
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Hypnotherapy with Trevor Wales

I really enjoyed working with Trevor Wales, I have always wanted to see a hypnotherapist for many years now for confidence, but never got round to doing it , like many things in my life, so this year I made it my mission to stop talking about things and just do it. Gaining confidence to be able to move on in my career was one of the main ones and that's when I decided to contact Trevor Wales , I have never looked back since that day.
The hypnotherapy sessions that Trevor wrote for me, are beautifully written, I listen to them every night, sometimes extra during the day, Trevor has related them to my personal life, like including my puppy and our walks together to the beach, which really made in real for me. I look forward to listening to the hypnotherapy session and always wake up feeling positive, energetic and stress free.
When I had a interview date for the job that I wanted, Trevor gave me great advice and support leading right up to my interview. During my interview, I did not feel anxious and felt very confident ,which I owe all to Trevor. I was successful and got the job that I wanted.
Trevor has always been there at the end of the phone and always has plenty of time to have a chat in between sessions.
I Have a driving test coming up soon and I plan to arrange a hypnotherapy session with Trevor to help with my nerves.
The only regrets I have is not doing it sooner, thank you ever so much Trevor.
Simone Hills
23 Oct 2016
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Trevor Wales hypnotherapy Solutions

Please visit my website testimonial page where you can read positive stories from many of my clients.
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