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Bournemouth's #1 Trusted Clinic For Anti-Wrinkle And Dermal Filler Treatments

Are wrinkles troubling you? Do they bother you? Do you want to make them disappear?

At TreatMyWrinkles Bournemouth, we have solutions to eliminate your wrinkles.

We address wrinkles with various treatments, but our preferred options are typically Botulinum, laser, or dermal fillers.

Botulinum is particularly good in order to treat the following wrinkles:

-Frown Lines: Those vertical lines between the eyebrows, also known as glabellar lines.

-Forehead Lines: Horizontal lines across the forehead that form due to repeated facial expressions.

-Crow’s Feet: The fine lines that extend from the corners of the eyes, often associated with smiling or squinting.

-Upper Lip Lines: Sometimes referred to as smoker's lines or lipstick lines, these are wrinkles that form above the upper lip.

-Lip Flip: A technique used to enhance the appearance of the upper lip by relaxing the muscles around it, creating a subtle "flip" effect.

-Eyebrow Lift: Botulinum can be strategically injected to lift and shape the eyebrows, providing a more youthful and alert appearance.

-Bunny Lines: The horizontal lines that appear on the bridge of the nose when scrunching or wrinkling it.

-Marionette Lines: These lines run from the corners of the mouth downward, giving the appearance of a puppet's mouth.

-Dimpled Chin: Botulinum can smooth out the appearance of a dimpled or pebbled chin by relaxing the chin muscles.

-Gummy Smile: Injections can reduce the visibility of the gums when smiling excessively by relaxing the muscles that pull the upper lip too high.

TreatMyWrinkles Bournemouth - Botulinum & Dermal Filler Experts

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We offer one of the highest quality Botulinum treatments in Bournemouth
We offer one of the highest quality dermal filler treatments in Bournemouth
We offer very affordable Botulinum treatments in Bournemouth
We offer very affordable dermal filler treatments in Bournemouth


Anti-wrinkle injection
From £85
Dermal Filler
From £165
Lip Filler
From £190
Cheek Filler
From £220
Nose Filler
From £385

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Greatest place in BH

This is a very nice skin care clinic here in Bournemouth and they have affordable treatments with great staff and service. Their service that I used is only £85 and they do also offer other services under great trustful supervision, quick and painful procedures . They also have discounts and offers. Nice to have them in town.
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Got some products and a treatment for my wife, she loves it

If you are in need of a really good skin care clinic in Bournemouth that also offers great prices, TreatMyWrinkls is a good option. They have a wide selection of skin care and anti-wrinkle treatments such as dermal fillers, laser treatments and more.
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Great experience

I had lines between my eyebrows that were really bothering me, and I wanted to do something about them. So I came here to see if they could treat them. They gave me treatment and after about a week I started seeing that the lines were getting smaller. Now some time after this, they are not very visible at all. This has been a really amazing treatment for only £150. Thank you very much!
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Great laser work

This is an awesome place if you want to remove a tattoo. They do it with a laser, and they also use laser to remove moles, hair and I think wrinkles. They are not very expensive and they do a great job.
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I had not paid much attention to my skincare for a long time (just busy) and decided to come here to find out what I could do. They gave me great advice for how to maintain my skin on good condition and we also did a laser session. They also gave me a small dose of bo tox to treat some wrinkles that i wanted to go away. A week has passed and my skin looks great and much healthier.
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