The Probation Service

Old Court House Windmill Hill, Enfield, EN2 6SA Directions



THE RECEPTIONIST WILL NOT HELP NO POINT in asking any question I got the impression if I do not like it its not her problem, why cant the receptionist pass me over to someone who can be helpful after all that is your JOB ??? BE very weary as I felt they did not have a clue to what is going on. PLAYING with people lifes is not a nice thing... unkind unfreadly unhelpful its a shame.
08 Dec 2016
The people are everything, and patience is everything, did you believe its just a job and not a vocation? Just left a comment on North Wales Probation Colwyn Bay office on YELL, if offer the course take them especially the intuitive recover and well being sit downs, I am shocked that I am doing this through YELL and not social media, other than the fact social media has nothing good to say for the people that do do a proper job and so much good, ive listened to the propitiatory abuse against time keepers, such as ' im here where the f**k are they'! Me I left home when I was 16, joined the army, came home to no home, worked worked worked, went under the radar for 30 years until defrauded by Banks and lack of Parliamentary ability to control the real fraudsters and crooks within the UK, so a question, why are our jails so full of ex soldiers? Is it family, is it education is it well - no ability to understand the corruption in day to day life in the UK! NWPS give 4*
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