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Business overview

The Nottingham Herbalist - Specialising in Herbal Medicine and Hypnotherapy

The Nottingham Herbalist - is an independent university trained Herbalist and Hypnotherapist.

Johnathan Swift BSc Hons (Herb Med).

Johnathan is based in Bingham, Nottingham and provides general health services by a combination of hypnosis and if needed a herbal medicine.

This unique combination of skills when added to an extensive knowledge of dietary management enables combinations of therapeutic practice that enable almost any combination of medical problems to be addressed in a flexible and comprehensive way.

Emphasis is always placed on addressing the causes of illness and their resolution rather than the suppression of symptoms.

Hypnosis is used when the origin of illness is nervous rather than biochemical. This includes, the results of stress, minor addictions, and phobias.

Physical illnesses - particularly inflammation - could be addressed with herbal medicine and weight control - diet.

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Products & Services

anger management

anxiety management

chinese medicine

herbal medicine


complementary medicine

dieting & weight control

complementary therapies

insomnia therapy

panic attacks treatment


phobia treatments

stress management


holistic therapy

alternative medicine

herbalist Nottingham

treatment for arthritic pain

treatment for minor addictions


fear of flying

low self esteem

hypnotherapist Nottingham

allergy management

digestive problems including, IBS, colitis

pain relief


Totally changed my life

After no success with my GP to treat a catalog of low level ongoing ailments including IBS, colds, urinary infections, throat infections and various muscle, back and joint pains, I turned to John for help. Initially I had herbal support with managing the symptoms and then additional lifestyle coaching and help in making the totally life changes needed to give me a healthy body and return my zest and lust for life.
John's personal approach and strength combined with his knowledge and experience left me feeling in safe hands.
I highly recommend The Nottingham Herbalist.
Thank you John :o)
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Safe Medicine

I have been receiving advice from Johnathon for a number of years and through him discovered the risks associated with ingestion of sugar. A book recently written called 'White and Deadly' highlights the associated risks which have been covered up by corporate companies with their own agenda.....'Money'
I am now using Xytol (Johnathon's advice) which is made from the Birch Tree. Tastes just fine and much healthier. It is also helping me to loose weight. Johnathon will explain how the body functions, why he is prescribing and what to expect. Unlike many GP's out there he does not assume that anyone is brainless but takes time to explain and treat the whole of a person not just their symptoms. I am post cancer and have experienced surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Whilst modern medicine has its place so does herbal medicine. The trick is to prevent rather than allow the bodies imbalance to become so very grave that radical surgery is a requirement. I now focus on keeping my body in balance deriving help and advice from Johnathon. This holistic approach works on both a physical and psychological level as our bodies are unique and need treating as such to attain a true and healthy balance. Jonhathon is has an in depth knowledge of how the body functions and how various chemicals and enzymes in the body interact. This, linked to his understanding of herbal medicine makes him a most impressive healer. Johnathon uses the knowledge of our forebears and links this into a modern day context whilst remaining sceptical of food retail and drug companies with a money making agenda. I cannot recommend this form of treatment highly enough. Eleanor M Nelson
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Loose weight safely

I have trying to loose weight for some time with yo yo diets. I'd loose some and then put it all back on with extra. John advised me to stay off white sugar and introduced a type of sweetner made from birch. I do have a sweet tooth so this made a huge difference and I am loosing weight gradually with little hardship. John is extremely knowledgeable with regard to body metabolism and absorption of fats / sugars. It is a depth of knowledge known only too well to our forebears who managed their ailments from what ever they could forage and I would recommend this form of ailment management which can eliminate the need for harmful chemical ingestion through modern prescription. E Nelson
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Back Pain

I had for many years suffered from lower back pain, sciatica, and inflamation of the tendons, when I discovered John's herbalist methods which turned my life around. I'd tried all the usual treatments of physiotherapy, chiropractory, to acupuncture, and ordinary doctors anti inflamatories and pain relief, but nothing worked long term.
After an initial consultation with John, which included an in depth discussion on my past and present health problems, an individual care plan was put into place and I receive my medicine once every 5 weeks.
The relief was not instantaneous. It took a couple of weeks to kick in, but suddenly I realised I was relitively pain free, and able to get through my day without constantly taking pain killers.
I would recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers constant pain. You dont have to live with it. I didnt!
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Worthwhile Experience (Satisfied Customer)

I consulted The Nottingham Herbalist on ways to combat weight that I wanted to lose, however hard I tried I could not get the excess fat on my stomach to go, apparently the modern diet is the culprit, I was advised the food we eat now is radically different to the food we evolved to eat.
So with a switch in the type of food and diet and some supplimental advice, I was finally able to lose the weight I wanted, and attain and keep what I consider to be my optimal weight, during this time I was also advised on which type of suppliments help slow down the aging process.
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