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The New Culture Revolution

42 Duncan St, London, N1 8BW Directions

Tel 020 7833 9083
   Open today 12:00 - 23:00

Business overview

The New Culture Revolution is part of a chain of restaurants that offer food which has drawn its inspiration from northern China; it is dominated by dumpling and noodle dishes. These restaurants are great for an everyday healthy meal. This branch can cater for private parties of up to 20 guests upon request.


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good value but some service problems

NCR isn't the most glamorous place, but it's definitely good value and the food is normally of a good standard. You wouldn't come here for a whole evening, but rather to get in and out quite quickly -- not that I mean that in an off-putting way. I'd recommend the place.

Many reviews of this chain focus on poor service. I find it generally rather variable, but the Duncan St branch currently seems to be employing perhaps the most inept waiter of all time. Don't tip; it'll only encourage him. And look out for that 12.5% added to the bill -- I fear that they do that sometimes to make up for people not tipping the occasional very poor service. I should be a bit more specific about his training needs -- it's not normal to greet a customer with an announcement of how soon the place is closing (45 minutes is more than enough time to eat here at lunchtime), he tends to "forget" what you ask for or parts of your order (and when there's only one of you that's quite an achievement) and he tends to disappear at great length when you're ready to order or to pay. I have tried to alert him to his challenging approach but he doesn't seem to pick up on it. It's a pity because -- once again -- this is a nice, convenient place, especially for lunch.
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The New Culture Revolution

Clean, quick and friendly, never fails to please. I like to nip in here for a bowl of pre cinema noodles, and decent noodles they are too. Not usually a fan of chow mein, the folks at NCR somehow make this Chinese staple an artform. It's big, it's delicious and it's an utter bargain. The grilled chilli garlic prawns are pretty good too. Everything here is fresh and wholesome, no monosodium glutamite in sight. The staff are happy and helpful, the surroundings spartan but reassuringly functional. Happy days!
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