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We specialise in helping people overcome anxiety and emotional trauma and move past the negative experience to lead a more fulfilling life.

FEEL BETTER NOW from Anxiety, Emotional trauma, grief, break-ups, and move past the negative experience to lead a more fulfilling life

Feeling low, anxious, traumatised, or overwhelmed?

It’s hard to know where to turn when you’re stuck

Usually you’ve tried a couple of things... Therapy, Meditation, Exercise. It helps but not nearly enough

That’s how many of our clients felt anyway

Until they visited us. At The MindCoach we provide a proven system of self-development and healing through Reset Therapy

Reset Therapy uses a range of innovative audio-visual techniques to help you process previously blocked memories, access resourceful states and move past traumatic memories to create the future you desire

Helps you make breakthroughs in your emotional and physical state and sustain these

Safe and non-invasive, fast and effective, Reset Therapy can help you overcome Emotional trauma, anxiety, PTSD and more...

Imagine your life without:

* Anxiety or fear

* Shock

* Flashbacks, nightmares, and insomnia

* Panic attacks

* Anger, rage, irritability, mood swings

* Upsetting emotions

* Guilt, shame, self-blame

* Feeling sad, hopeless, or emotional numbing

* Feeling isolated, withdrawn, or consumed with negative thoughts

*Self-doubt, low self-esteem, feel "stuck"

*Imposter syndrome

* Covid19 emotional trauma

EMDR an integrated part of Reset therapy is now recognised by NICE as the leading treatment for PTSD

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Reset Therapy sessions in person (with Social Distancing) or online consultations using Zoom, What's App and FT

Let us know your preference and what will best meet your circumstances

Each treatment session with your Reset Therapist will last 90 mins

If you require your session via video conference you will need access to either Ipad/ laptop/PC, mobile phone and also a pair of headphones you can connect to your device

Are you ready to FEEL BETTER NOW?

Start your recovery today


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The magic mind coach

I contacted Jonathon the mind coach not really knowing what to expect but I hoped he could change my mindset from self sabotage with everything I was doing! He helped me identify the things that had triggered the reasons why I was behaving how I was in certain relationships and when trying to achieve my goals! The exercises he performed on me had an instant impact and his skills to understand my views were second to none! I’m still continuing my treatment but I can honestly say it’s been like magic so far!
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Challenging, Uncomfortable and Liberating

Working with Jonathan, has allowed me to release my potential by dealing with experiences way back in my past that have held me back from performing at my best and really enjoying what I do, both at work and at home. It’s all too east to ignore the signs of frustration, rather than face in to your demons and blow them away. I can only encourage you to spend time reflecting, being honest, truly understanding and challenging yourself so that you can become the best version of you. This is what Jonathan has helped me to do and I can only recommend that your are open minded to the process, it worked for me and I was a little sceptical!
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I am a teenage girl.I was feeling low and de-motivated and thought it would be good to get in shape and lose some weight and this exercise became a obsessive.It was then I contacted Mind Coach to see if I could break the pattern and get back to feeling happy again.I am a little shy and it was brilliant that the treatment was done on-line as a live session. Jonathan listened to my challenges and was very understanding and I felt comfortable talking things through. He then guided me through the exercises and sound wave therapy focusing on my biggest challenge. When I took my headphones off i felt amazing, My mood had changed completely and I was no longer feeling negative. Jonathan then sent me resources, including hypnotherapy audios and exercises to practice.I would recommend The MindCoach to anyone who needs a reset. I have already recommended some of my friends as this approach can make a massive difference for young people who need support and to get treatment online is fantastic
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Running a successful company, I was devastated to discover that my partner was deceiving me and had stolen cash from the business

About to lose everything I was in a dark place, with a young family and we had to put the business into voluntary liquidation with my business partner leaving me to work through the financial mess and debt

My trust had been smashed. I was stuck and could see no way out. Jonathan took me through The MindCoach Reset process and for the first time I had a sense of perspective on the situation and went from experiencing feelings of hopeless and despair to empowerment and focus with a resolve to push forwards

I’ve set up a new business which has had a fantastic start! I have peace of mind. Jonathan helped me get on my feet

I am hugely grateful. If you need help, I recommend Jonathan and his team, he will work with you to build a constructive way forwards no matter how difficult or hopeless your situation might first appear. Amazing. Thank you 😊
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From self-doubt to a renewed purpose and feeling of self-belief

At school, I was never the most popular. I loved football and sport was something I was good at, which helped me gain approval and recognition. I come from humble beginnings and didn’t go to university. After securing my first job at 16 and pure hard graft, my career soon progressed fast. Success and promotions followed but, in the back of my mind, I felt undeserving of it. I was working hard for my family and enjoying my career leading a senior team but at the centre was something I couldn’t put my finger on. Jonathan pinpointed the trigger - Imposter Syndrome, combined with a perfectionist approach. This was putting pressure on me and sometimes I was hijacked by a feeling of self-doubt and overwhelmed. Through the Reset Therapy I have overcome those past negative memories and feel a sense of renewal, with clarity of purpose and belief in my abilities to grow and become the best I can be. I would recommend MindCoach to anyone who needs to iron out some crinkles in your past.
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