The Isle Of Wight Bat Hospital

105 Jeals Lane, Sandown, PO36 9NS Directions

Tel 01983 406756

Business overview

The Isle of Wight Bat Hospital is a self-funding, non-profit making, voluntary organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of bats back into the wild. A bat may need your help if it is found inside or outside your home, and does not fly away when approached. The bat may just be tired and need some time to regain its strength. Or, a small animal, such as a cat, may have injured it. If this is the case, the bat needs URGENT help. A cat’s claw may cause bacterial infections for the bat; if this is the case, then it will need antibiotics ASAP. Bats have good recovery records with respects to minor injuries, such as small incisions, rips and tears, but they need help and assistance FAST The Bat hospital can now cater for up to 100 bats at any one time.


He came out in the middle of night to help a baby Bat x Thank you for all you do

I want to thank you for coming to Cowes late at night to rescue the young Bat tonight. I am so pleased to have met you and Thank you for caring for this young bat. Look forward to seeing you again. Kindest Regards tamara
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