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At The GoodBack Scoliosis and Back Pain Clinic, London Colney we offer non-surgical treatment for scoliosis, kyphosis & Back Pain, using the amazing ASMI

The GoodBack Back Pain Clinic, London Colney, UK specialises in fixing high-end back and neck pain: sciatica, herniated discs, bulging discs, whiplash, degenerative discs and Scoliosis.


10 Sessions of the ASMI Treatment for Scoliosis at The GoodBack Scoliosis and Back Pain Clinic, London Colney UK
ASMI - Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument at The GoodBack Scoliosis and Back Pain Clinic, London Colney UK
The ASMI Treating Kyphosis at The GoodBack Scoliosis and Back Pain Clinic, London Colney
The Amazing ASMI Treatment for Scoliosis, Kyphosis & Back Pain
Goodback scoliosis treatment and back pain clinic
Back Pain and Scoliosis Treatment at GoodBack


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I was an Olympic gymnast in the 80s and ended my career with a broken knee. Thankfully I was fixed up in LA at the time but for the last 40 years I've lived with residual pain in my knee and shoulder from another injury.

Damien said he could help both.

Leaving his treatment room was the first time in 40years I walked without residual pain. It's hard to describe the release of something I'd learned to live with and when a level of pain becomes normal, but after the treatment I feel spacious, lighter and greater ease and smoothness in my knee joint. My shoulder has released so much I feel a freedom of movement much more than before (despite also having a disciplined yoga practice of over ten years).

It's been a week since the session and both my shoulder and knee feel great. I can't recommend him highly enough. His passion for his therapy and his knowledge is incredible. Thank you so much Damien, I'm truly grateful and honoured.
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Go to this place if you really want your back to be good as new

Dr. Mearns literally changed my life for the better, I’ll be forever thankful!!
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Amazing Treatment

I went for a kneck issue, resolved after 1 session.
I then went back for issues related to my back - as well as loosening my back, my nerve issue related to shingles had also disappeared.
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Excllenet service and treatment

After several years of unsuccessful interventions from a plethora of specialists, I finally disovered Damien's practise, and I could not be happier with the results.

In the space of just a few months, my posture and quality of life have improved exponentially. My back is noticeably more aligned, and I can now move pain free. Damien's exercise and mobility guidelines are also quick and easy to implement, meaning that I have been able to maintain these benefits long after my treatment has ceased.

Damien also has a kind and professional manner, and is able to adjust his treatment and scheduling to suit individual needs.

For those with chronic and debilitating back pain, I cannot recommend Damien highly enough.
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The correct approach to scoliosis

Nothing I've ever tried before this has worked because nothing else targets the root cause of scoliosis. Using the ASMI machine to target and reduce tension between the vertebrae that causes uneven weight distribution on either side of the spine is the way to treat scoliosis. I've felt my entire body get better due to this reshaping of my spine through deep and extensive massage with this brilliant machine. The muscles throughout my whole body are given the chance to grow more and more evenly on either side after each session, and as I have more sessions, I'm really hopeful for the future, more hopeful than I've ever been.
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