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Business overview

The financial maze is here to guide you and in using the financial maze you will help to guide others

Any broker I may guide you to has had to pass stringent measurements set by myself for them to deal with my clients. The list below is by no way exhaustive:

• A fair fee structure dependent on specific advice levels, product, and status of the client.

• A true reflection of being Independent with no bias or incentives to recommend one provider above another.

• A high level of experience offered in any specific area.

• Persistency (percentage of brokered policies in force in any rolling 12 months).

• A robust compliance structure.

• A strong management team.

The customer cannot be charged any higher fee by being guided by The Financial Tree to any of the specific broker’s that have passed my due diligence, in fact in some cases, I have been able to negotiate lower fees for my clients.

The following areas are covered by The Financial Tree but basically, I cover all areas of Finance.

• Bridging for residential, investment, developers, auction, and VAT bridge.

• All forms of development finance.

• Commercial finance for occupier, portfolio, and investment mortgages.

• Residential mortgage and secured loans.

• All forms of insurance/assurance requirements.

• Pension and investments.

An important factor that has come to light for this way of helping the client is that, as I do not carry a pipeline of applications in underwriting that need managing, this releases more time for me to investigate guidance required for specific client’s needs that may be “outside the box”. A specific broker may struggle to find the time for more detailed investigations.

As a final point, due to my own experience, I have a goal in reducing the UK timescales getting guide dogs to the people who need them. To this end 5% of net income from The Financial Tree is donated to help train these dogs.

The financial tree is designed to help guide my customers and by my customers using The Financial Tree they in turn help to guide others.


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Products & Services

All Forms Of Assurance Requirements

All Forms Of Development Finance

All Forms Of Insurance

Commercial Finance For Investment Mortgages

Commercial Finance For Occupier

Commercial Finance Portfolio

Commercial Mortgages

Income Protection Insurance


Life Assurance and Pension Companies

Life Insurance


Mortgage Advice


Pension And Investments


Residential Mortgage

Secured Loans



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Remortgage sorted!

Our remortgage was made confusing and complex by our current lender. Gareth’s guidance at The Financial Maze was clear, concise and ultimately lead us to excellent advice. Our remortgage is now sorted and we are delighted with the outcome. Thanks Gareth
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Liz - Great financial guidence

I approached Gareth at The Financial Maze as I knew being self-employed my protection needs would be different to an employed person. I already had some protection but little understanding of what I had, if I’m honest. Gareth went through each of my plans, how they worked and what they offered. This was invaluable. It became obvious that these plans were unsuitable for my present needs as my circumstances had changed. I was then guided in the right direction towards and received excellent advice.
I cannot recommend The Financial Maze highly enough as a relaxed environment where I could discuss my needs and concerns. This has now given me peace of mind, getting to the right advice provider and a more appropriate plan.
08 Jul 2022
Thank so much for your review
08 Jul 2022
Thank so much for your review
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First time buyer

I approached the Financial Maze as I had already started the process of looking to buy my first house, what an eye opener! The guidance Gareth offered, taking me through the whole concept of buying my first house took away so many stresses.

I was then guided to a broker who opened my eyes as I had already got rates that he managed to blow out of the water!

The whole process was 5 star , educating me and also relieving stress! I would 100% return.
23 Jun 2022
Thank you for your review and just to remind you by allowing me to guide you, you have contributed to helping guide other's through my chosen charity " Guide dogs for the blind"
23 Jun 2022
Thank you for your review and just to remind you by allowing me to guide you, you have contributed to helping guide other's through my chosen charity " Guide dogs for the blind"
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Highly recommend

Very professional service. Definitely knew their market so I would highly recommend.
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Gareth offers something different in a complicated and often difficult to navigate Financial Services Market. Just straight forward guidance to help you make the best decision possible. His 35 years industry experience in all aspects of Financial Services was a great help and reassurance explaining things in a simple no nonsense manner.
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