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Shamanic Energy Healing / Oracle Card Reading / Divination Healing For Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Transformation “You shall know them by their fruits. “ - Jesus

Please scroll down to see my services in more detail. All services Pay What You want / Can afford. Services currently done remotely with a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

I'm a shamanic healer, energy healer, modern mystic, an oracle card reader, a channeller, and a dowser.

I use a combination of healing techniques, from ancient shamanic healing, like extraction of negative energies, soul retrieval, power retrieval, and modern shamanic healing and energy healing practices, that I've learnt from spirit. Alchemy, magick, oracle card readings, and I dowse with a crystal pendant to get answers from guides of love and light.

This healing can affect all levels, (although it's not possible to fix everything), for example the physical body, emotional body, the mind, soul, spirit, etheric body, astral body, many other light bodies/auras, chakras, meridians, and much more.

Of course some physical problems need doctors, but you would be surprised how many physical problems can be manifestations of energetic problems, mental problems, emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, psychic, environmental. And these I can help with.


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Products & Services


Shamanic Healing

Oracle Card Readings

Soul Retrieval

Power Retrieval

Cord Cutting


Metaphysical Healing

Spiritual Healing

Crystal Therapy / Healing

Complementary Medicine

Alternative Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Dream Interpretation

Panic Attacks Treatment

Stress Management

Dowsing healing


Diet Advice from Spirit

Help with Shaman Sickness

Interpreting signs, synchronicities & meaning

Shadow Integration & Healing

Metaphysical Surgery

Metaphysical Acupuncture

Metaphysical Treatment for confidence & faith


Animal Healing (emotional and physical)

Geopathic Stress Removal

Immediate Healing & Guidance

PMS Treatment

Releasing Blocked Negative Energies

Mindfulness Guidance

Custom Affirmations

Complementary Therapies

Alternative Therapies

Emotional Healing

Chakra cleansing and balancing


Mind–Body–Spirit Therapies


Card reading and healing were brilliant !

I had a card reading and healing session from Annie. I found her to have a really calming effect on me and she used her dowser to ask her guides additional information to help me. Will definitely be going back! Thank you Annie
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